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Bad Zzz

Hello, this is jord from propagandhi here. uh, besides the itching of my crabs, I'd like to say subscribe to 4zzz don't take this for granted, eh.
and sickle I am your ball and chain
I am your brain on drugs
I seek the peak of bliss and ZZZ is all I wish
Reflected in conniption fits I'm jaundiced,
'Cause you know, I need someone to sing me to, zzz,
Sleeping man.

(Guitar Solo)

Sing a long lullaby to the sleeping man
Grab some zzz's, sleeping man
Said goodnight again to the sleeping man
See you in your
that's mean
This right here is my therapy
I never take bleep from any man
Never grew up I'm Peter Pan
Never land sleep no tryptophan
Get zzz's when I
soda, what is it you carry soldier?
This pen comforts me, nineteen M16's
Stashed through all my residents, any spot can be a murder scene
Like zzz-zzz
you what you want
Courtesy Mr. ?
We breakin' down them barriers
Call us the penetrators
Electrify your area
Zzz-zap hey ya
Go ahead and hate us
Hope you can catch some zzz, wake up get yo' shit right 
Too much in sight, wicket visionaires 
It's like all those lost souls in the streets, in
el agua pa’ ese capullo, 
zzz, mami deja el murmullo, 
coge lo que tuyo, tu, tuyo 
(tu, tu, tu, tu) 

para Hacerle 
rakata, rakata 
si se me
with my 45 full
Yo fendel
Deja a acapella el proyecto
Esto es 24 hours, bzz-zzz, los inzectos

Papo aquí no hay funeral
Aquí te damos doscientos