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Wales, certainly in the more central and 
Southern parts, it'll be a fine dry day

Good deal of sunshine to begin with
Clouding over somewhat
ho, good deal Lucille
Parlez vous, here's to you, it's your game
If I'm here or I'm gone, it's all the same
Call the tune, stack the cards, this is
Writers Al Terry, J.D. Miller, Charles Theriot
Copyright 1954

Goodbye Lou cherche vous another man
Say â??l'amour,
Transplant of a phantom limb seems like a good deal
(Considering it's bribery) highway robbery.
Though I'd adamantly refuse the airtight reflex
an image of you goin' around in my head

Congratulations for bringing me down
Congratulations, now I'm sorrow bound
Congratulations, you got a good deal
I'm say'n something to you,
I don't care how you feel
You just don't realize,
you got yourself a good deal
She's nineteen years old,
and she got
a good deal to me
But my head's too soaked in Brilliantine
So just take me out, alright

I've brushed over stations and channels
And combed the town,
Rollin' a wheel-o
He's her tootsie
She's for real-o
Trailer park heaven
It's a real good deal-o
Real good deal-o
Real good deal-o
Real good deal-o

The rest
And I don't like doubting how this old love will hold
But I have my moments when I'm just waiting for it to explode

Oh, no good deals in these mine
Built on a huge fort - that much i know
Maybe a good deal - hard to find
Location unknown - again this time

Keepin' the road clear
Oh, really get to rockin', it's a real good deal
In the night, hey, in the night
In the wee, wee hours dreamin' night and day

It gettin' noon
good enough)
Say you deal with it?

Can you deal with it? (somethings got to happen)
Can you deal with it? (somethings got to get me up)
Say you
Dreams are still born in Hollywood I don't understand. 
Just suppose the youngster knows he's had a good deal of fortune 
and up through the babble
During the last election we had a good deal of fun back east following your senatorial contest out here. I'm from Massachusetts, and I feel that we
I'm gonna say somethin' to you
I don't care how you feel
You just don't realize
You got yourself a good deal

She's nineteen years old
And got ways
One foot after the other
One place pretty much like another
Some folks got a pretty good deal
Some are just looking for their next meal
Out here
I'm gonna say somethin' to you
And I don't care how you feel
You just don't realize
You got yourself a good deal

She's nineteen years old
four-star service in 44 time 
And sweet soul music to ease your mind 
Yeah, it's a real good deal with tons of feel
a good deal
Gimme your Dollars, make it real
Tomorrow´s too late, for every good trade
Don´t think about it, don´t hesitate

Come on in, look around
round every home town
Every nice house - every fair deal
Every good job - every square meal
In every dream home
A nightmare

The girl who lives next
got an understanding, and it's a pretty good deal
We read our books at each end of the couch
No conversation needed
To stay in touch in this house
to think about high heels
And good deals
Anything to get me through
I just can't concentrate
You're all I think about these days

I try to contemplate
matter how hard you try and fit in, there is no one like you.
You will find you spend a good deal of your life, sitting at red lights
I'll get a good deal and I'll go away
Away from the empty brains that ask
How I wrote "Elastic Man"

His last work was "Space Mystery" in the Daily
Flatfoot Sam bought an automobile
No money down, it was a real good deal
Didn't wanna work, just ride around town
Finance come, they put his feets

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