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And a super-jacuzzi too
That's what parties at the
A-frame are all about
Call 213-659-3756
Best time to call is
Friday and Saturday afternoons

Every A-Frame had your number on the wall 
You must have had it all 
You'd go to L.A. on a dare 
And you'd go it alone 

Could you live
Just off of the two-lane where the school bus used to stop
Was a little wooden A-frame with a yellow tin roof top
One day it was raining on this
the judges and the lawyers have gone home
Leave me alone just leave me alone
You're not my hell now
Get off my phone

I heard about the A-frame
That sits
Man you gon' get whipped in flaw shackle to an A-frame
Beaten full force until you can't repeat your own name
Till you smell the smell of burn
followed the color chart on the
A-train country, hovering under the A-Frame structures bloody
And if I closed my optics I could trace the lines lovely they