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a G-lay?
"Anyway" Ay, Peace to A.G
Peace to Pete Rock, Diamond D, peace to Seiji
Oh that nigga Wildlight, Wildlife, Hannibal, Cannibals
[Repeat: x4]
Drugs rule everything around me, 
Get the powder, 
Drink another beer y'all

I keep it underground, like showbiz and a.g
(Only thing I care about)
Can't live without (Can't live without)
Mix so loud
And anybody till A.G who cares about (Anybody, see me where I'm lovin)
to wake up and I'm passed off to Yo-Yo
Yo-Yo gets respect as a lady
She didn't smoke, she passed me to Showbiz & A.G
A.G. said, "Respect due seen"