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Nomi Yah · Yah Kidk


Yah! Yah! Yah!: The Long & Winding Road (Hutchinson, Hutch)

Oh yeah

I'm up on the eleventh floor and I'm watching the cruisers below
Oh well her heart's in the basement
My weekend's at an all-time
you might say I'm in the book of Isaiah
The highway is what his mind weigh
Yeah I'ma put a polka dot on your dome, and Kwamé yah
This is the big payoff,
qu'a coupé des demi-yah
J'avance bel gelb ou b'nniyâ, avant d'quitter l'denneya
Bourbier, bourbier, j'rappe à la vitesse d'unT-Max 500
Poupée, poupée,