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You will hear my heart
And the circuit will be complete
Dead end circuit dead end circuit
Dead end circuit
Come out of the dead end circuit

I man find it hard to survive
In dis ya concrete jungle
Ripped into consciousness a sideways knowing banter.
Administer the forecast.
Shooting upwards towards utopia.
Circuit breaker flipped, canceling
Getting lost by the guide
And I'm all worked up over nothing

All in and out
Connect my body
Deep into the ground

No self-control
A chain reaction as my body lets go
A strange kind of light
The tempo takes me and the circuit excites

It's magnetic
Why do you runaway now? 
Why do you runaway now? 

Circuits activated 
Circuits activated 
Circuits activated 
Circuits activated 

Why do
Grinding gears broken belts how does it start pressure
Gauge burning wire and leaky pipe circuits blown systems fail they fall apart
Pressure builds
Overload, generator, oscillator
Make a circuit with me

Just plug in and go-go-go
I'll be your human dynamo
Signals in my power cord
Impulse on my
Wave back at me
Back is turned
If I fail once
Circuit burn

Saw you in the lampglow
You fade
Nothingness incarnate

Until I get there
I will
I'm on your side
And we're always right
It's perfect
And worth it

And you're on my side
And we're always right
It's the circuit
That gets
to find (sock it to the circuit)
That your mind (sock it to the circuit)
And your behind (sock it to the circuit)
Gets a spanking in time

Sock it
Burning circuits
Cyber war
Dying minds
Cyber war
Crying spirits
Cyber war
The future shines

The enemy
Is in the network
It wants your life
The kid's alone just watching static
The circuit's blown
It's just a habit
No, he's not an addict

When all is still, his mind's erratic
dooey - dippy dippy dooey

Rude boy get up a circuit chart
Rude boy get up a circuit chart
Dippy dippy dooey - dippy dippy dooey

Rude boy a loot
Little man bleeding, little heart beating so
Evil speaker blow my circuits oh no
Brothers, sisters all transistors, you know
Father logic
nothin' left to say
Somethin' clicks inside me
And it's graduation day

Everybody learns (everybody learns)
The point of no return
My circuit breaker's
I have no name my face a blur
I speak only to answer them
White noise becomes a voice
I hear it constantly

I dare not break the circuit
I rest
Here we play games
Like turning men into boys
And everyone must cry or love

Recall 'my circuit'
Recall 'I'm not-you are'
Remember that I moved
no true escape
I'm watching all the time

I'm made of metal
My circuits gleam
I am perpetual
I keep the country clean

I'm elected electric spy
Send in the guards
We are all new faces
I'm so sorry
But my reasons are wrong
My reasons are wrong

We are on joy circuit
The image fix
circuits en panique
Quand s'arrête le clic
Impulsion électrique 
Qui me rattrape à temps
Étendu en l'air
Suspendu je monte
Quand les vapeurs d'éther
on the network
Part of me is dead
Every Home is Wired
Swimming in the circuit
Somebody has expired
This world will be the future
Every home is wired
Peel back your skin
Show me your wires
I can't imagine
A beating heart
Or working veins
Its a malfunction
Its some short circuit
That makes you act
And when I turn off the lights
I'll wait here til the end

Over and over she burns my circuits
I feel fire rushing through my wires
I can feel
the circuit overload
Who jealousy must go on as long as you think it's you alone
To eat off the pies and tell all your lies
But what a big surprise
When all