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Crown the dark animal
Black Jackal crawling
Eternal returning
An end to the waiting
There are thrones underground
And monarchs upon them
They walk
Run from the light
Your eyes, black like an animal
Deep in the wander
And care for no one but the offspring of your might
Run from the one who
you look back
and the ocean
are colored black
animals are going sick
the reason is the black slick
no green
is able
to remain
by the toxic
saw the light
but, my brain just buzzed

I cry because you never know
I cry because you will never know

just how black can an animal be?
doesn't show a light
In the ruffle of the leaves beside my pathway a small animal appeared black and white
And as I run for life towards Jacob's cabin
People stared at the makeup on his face
Laughed at his long black hair, his animal grace
The boy in the bright blue jeans
Jumped up on the stage
People stared at the makeup on his face 
Laughed at his long black hair, his animal grace 
The boy in the bright blue jeans 
Jumped up
So, bye bye my big blue marble
Bye bye my spatial spectral
Bye bye all buddhi sahdfah'd 

Red velvet animals swim in black tea
There's nobody up
a storyteller and a thief, yeah he was a betrayer and a creep
and is the big black animal that moves in your maze
as you consider slicing your
to fade into the black
Such a simple animal
Sterilized with alcohol
I could hardly feel me anymore

Desperate, meaningless
All filled up with
Lightning haze
Zig zags in roads
Wake up with your black hearts
Fight the animals
This is the testimony
Of the young at war
shootin' Gallery wages
Your daddy don't give a damn no more
Keep these animals breakin' cages violent times
At black fathom 4

Walk into my world where
to fade
Into the black

Such a simple animal
Sterilized with alcohol
I could hardly
Feel me anymore

Desperate and meaningless
All filled up with
black market animal
Hell for you
You're filthy meat for inbred cannibals

13 freaks forever
Evil fucking evil
13 freaks forever

13 freaks
They walk into the lobby
The pack in black
Heads are turning
But they don`t look back

They must be crazy
Not buying in
Why these outsiders
and battered and stuffed like a dog
A ravaged animal, a slaughtered hog
Black turns to white, am I talking to God?

All my life has come and gone, disappeared my
There's something wrong with you
You take advice from the devil
In the heat of the night
Black leather, wild-wild animal
You know
gotta be somebody's baby
You gotta learn to lose control
You gotta go a little crazy
Release the animal
I'm beating on your ego
Until it's black
can be found 
In the dying streams and meadows 
And hell kill you if he can 
He's the animal of man 

Yes his traces can be found 
In the scars
Occasional demons too.
We're all kinds of animals coming here:
Occasional demons too.

Smokestacks, belching black, we're the have-nots in your
But now the night is on my mind

As for me I'm a nocturnal animal, God concentrates
On a young black man who makes the niggas speakers shake
short, whether tall
Whether dense, whether length
Whether strength, whether width
Either man, animal, bird or fish
Whether, black or white, more shapes
Pour your black rain on me, on me

Iæ?¦ drawn to you animal
Iæ?¦ drawn like an animal
And when you side up next to me
Iæ?¦ a servant to you chief
have no right to be
The one to whom you might
I know I have no right
The little black brushes keep out the cold
And the inquiring eyes
Nothing slid
There are thousands dance to the atrocity of the wartime blues. 
He thinks it's a shit dance but he likes the war and romance. 
Animal day, send me

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