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I know what I need I need you
I can't see nothin' else all I can see is you
I don't care what they say about my state of mind
I know what's good
I know what I need I need you
I can't see nothin else all I can see is you
I don't care what they say about my state of mind
I know what's good for
And, man, you just got to care. 

Wild life, what's gonna happen to, 
Wild life, the animals in the zoo? 

You're breathing a lot of political
Hey friends when will you get here?
Hey friends I need to hear voices
I don't care what you talk about
Hey friends I just need to hear voices
Run from the light
Your eyes, black like an animal
Deep in the wander
And care for no one but the offspring of your might
Run from the one who
can be young or old
Sweet or sad, hot or cold

Man or animal, I don't care at all
Find the antidote underneath the dose
Man or animal
Time after time
You will forgive me
Like an animal in your care
But give it time
You will outlive me
And take the bow back you put in my hair
Barnyard Stomp
all the animals and you
I got a dog
I got a cat
I got a hog
I got a bat
I got a monkey fish
I got a funky fish
I got a pig log
Oh oh oh, I can't say no
I lose control 'cause with you I'm like an animal

Wild in the streets
Don't care if anybody sees
Don't bother saying

I know the animals are laughing at us
Don't even know what a joke is
I won't follow animal's advice
I don't care if they're laughing at us
I know the animals...are laughing at us
They don't even know...what a joke is
I won't follow...animal's advice
I don't care...if they're laughing
And I don't care whether or not
If all the cute little animals were to be shot
Were to be shot
Consider someone else, stop preaching about
the cannibals (Eat my heart out), two-faced animals 
Love among the cannibals (I want to stand and shout) two-faced animals 

I move alone in the dark, feelin'
With you walking around like that.
I can't take a poke at fun
With that animal on your back.
I wake up wanting you.
But you are rarely there
I howl
Down and round is on my mind
Sleep forever I got time
Feel my feelings on her wear
You look nervous I don't care
All you got I rich inside
Free to do
How long will the wheels will keep on turning?
How long?
Your seas are gone
Your animals are dead
And it's like you don't really care
Do you really
his eyes
And make him realize his misery 

He do not care
Sittin' over there
Get up, stand up now
Wake up the animal inside of you 

I think it
If such a thing exists
When I was young I knew but didn’t care
Faces change and shape to represent the same old beast
I want to flee but I can
been killed off in the committees and left to die by the wayside
But it was worse when we turned to the kids on the left
And got let down again by some
And my worst problem is I don't sleep at night
Woman downstairs just lost her mind
And I don't care how, I surely don't care why
Why I know false hope
Flights of black horseman soar over churches
Pursued by an army of birds in the rain
None of them can see the clouds, the polished wings don't care
I'm livin' like a dog
Livin' like an animal X 3
I'm just runnig wild in the street.
You might look at me and see a creep.
You might think I'm
Take care beware you need protection
Like the monkey in the jungle don't slip watch the curb
You need protection there's a car coming your name's
and strong,
And our final 
Goal is not far off.

Animal lovers,
Cranks; recognise the labels?
They say we 
Don't care about human beings.
an animal with long funny ears
Kicks up at anything he hears
His back is brawny but his brain is weak
He's just plain stupid with a stubborn streak
And by