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the electric circus
Hang on,hang on to your life
The animals are all insane - God help us

Electricity to burn
Amplifiers churn
Three ring madhouse calls
the electric circus
Hang on, hang on for your life
The animals are all insane- God help us

Electricity to burn
Amplifiers churn
Three ring madhouse calls
On sight, shone right
I lay as if in surround
All enmeshing, hovering
The milder I gaze
All the animals laying trail
Beyond the bough winds
battery - is one helluva pack of an animal
My mad love battery - has to have us both
My mad love battery - don't allow for sleep or sloth
My mad love

Working my body with a hot flash of animal lust
All my fingers in the pool go splash we must

Everybody in
Won't you kiss me?
Ooh wee baby, my lips they want you so

How can you resist me? (How can you resist me?)
The smell of animal lust is a-all
at me
I can't take my mind off you
It's electricity

I ain't one for foolin'
Of saying what I mean
You're asking many questions
Oh, it's time


There wouldn't be any post man or fireman
Or any kind of animal with a nose or a snoot
The mail wouldn't ever come
Your house
given it's another one you have to take
Then your electricity and and your energy's released
Born into another soul after your physical's deceased
May you
blur the axioms fastest, crews lose lunches by the hundreds, lose electricity, lose gas, phone, plumbing, humming keep your mouth closed, keep your cows