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You walked in the room
I saw your face and i saw you smile
A pretty girl like yourself
You've got a new approach
And the time is right

I don't know why
I just know I do
I just can't explain
In this language that I use
Something leaves me speechless
Each time that you approach
Hopeless times approach just give into the chaos
Strangely I find comfort here
Impatient and curious of what may come
And so the rampage begins
awaits us
Set a course for a new shore
For what tomorrow will bring

Plunging the northern seas
Winds fill the sails
As we approach another world
and the thunder
Fast 5 days straight to meditate, build hunger
and focus(focus) on the days and times(focus) that approach us

Bad seeds is planted to grow
wonder how you could be so misled
Hear survivors grieve
And listen to the wounded moan
Next time try a peaveful approach instead
to slay 
Charging forth, from filthy ships, towards our line 

But we are butchers and they are our swine

By ready men, they fast approach, the time
We've got no time to lose 
Your news is old news 
Hate this, hate me, hate this 
Right approach for the wrong 
It's time to spread the word 
it senses my weakness
Or am I so mistaken
Approach and knock 3 times
And you'll find that you'll be denied this time
And labelled forgotten

guys approach you every day
But little time is all I need to prove the words I say, baby
I want you to know that I love you so
Maybe we could spend
[Featuring Lord Have Mercy] 

[Lord have Mercy] 

As we approach the current time frame of 1997.With approximately 

two and a half years
by you so close
Caution is not my approach
My heart I expose, ooh
More than you know
Wasting my time
Everybody says I'm
Wasting my time
I must
A lonely planet 'round a crowded sun
Orbit zero - it's time to go

Approach from the darkside, where the oceans seem calm
Land yourselves gently, we
As we approach the current time frame of 1997
With approximately two and a half years before the year 2000
Repeatedly it has been reported that
a roach 
Hit the left lane in case one times approach 
I got, 5 warrants and some '89 tags 
17 in the clip of my, auto mag 
I'ts sad 
I gotta watch my
To approach, to imitate
But there's a time to build
A way we can create

Facing one more day
Where everything seems so grey
You pay the price you have to pay
leaves his cage
But I can never catch him, It throws me in a rage
You bet I'd eat that little bird if I could just get near
But every time that I
to danger

Approach the motherfucking danger,
Come back to hell and send me some time (this is it y'all)

Final approach to danger, death, destruction
the real nigga,
When I approach to danger

Approach the motherfucking danger,
Come back to hell and send me some time... (this is it y`all)

of your life
See all these things we do
Do you think they're right?!

There's a time for us to learn
To approach, to imitate
But there's a time
My my my my my
Yet another time i?ll try
To understand my
My my my my mind
It?s ahead, behind
I must unwind

yet another try, a song, a story,
burnin', blowin'
Shakin' E-as-Allah
3 different bags of proof
Why won't you swallow it approach you one time, the clearest
Finer and sharper in the hour
But every time that I approach, this is all I hear 
I tawt I taw a puddy tat a-creeping up on me 
I did, I taw a puddy tat as plain as he could be
left yet
From then on I took the inside out approach
Granted lots of time to think when when your new position is coach
And your crew is sleeping
from, who's the label? 
Now's a bad time to approach the turntables 
Try again next millennium or some other bag 
But when they jock a disc jock, it's