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The future in computer hell

No slacker trendy attitudes
Or boys that play so crude
Or smokers obsessed on weed
To be hardcore with fatigues
fight you for it.
Who's on the plane overhead?
Over desert roads beneath the sand,

When will I wake up?
Its just a dream.
A computer coded fantasy.
Hook: (Child computer voice)

Dear God really hate to bother you
I know that your really busy but
Can you take some time to see about me

Verse 1:
I've been starin' all day at the same computer screen
'Round here I'm treated like I'm just some damn machine
I punch in, I tune out, nobody cares
my spot, yet they lack
the skill to get raw with words and cold shoot 'em
stuck in the past, puttin' raps to a drum computer
not even worried that
held by you 
It seems like we're in paradise 
Shining brightly 
I close my eyes and soon I feel so good 
It's automatic 
Your ambiguous attitude
supposed to bow down to her
cause she's bored, but she's still my bitch
Now come take a look at miss black
Always got an attitude, and she stay
accept my Visa
Or American Express
And the computer is suspicious
Cause I've got no fixed address
Lady, that's a valid document
Check out the way I'm
Computers taking over, money's obsolete
Now they buying all the houses in the ghetto streets
They way we live now, we can't last long
the last time I saw it
And they don't want me in a bad mood
Afraid that it'll spread and everyone will catch an attitude
They got 'em all singing the same
Precisely pick em apart, my day start with art
Foul remarks are met with the tart
Attitude, that is rude boy, buddy embark on a Journey
face-to-face with the nosiest computer I know
Where'd you get that funk from?
When I count to ten I want you to jump up! Stay there!
Oh, ho! But don't come
wit a attitude
Try whoever ready for whatever, it don't matter dude
Best be on your P's and Q's cause never know what Cap'll do
He cap a nigga
too but I'm not a masseuse
But my attitude is rubbin' off on the youth
A chronic abuser, not only user of marijuana
I mean verbal assault that I use