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So I looked at her and said

Girl put your money away,
(I'll be your batteries)
I'll be your double A's,
(I'll be your batteries)
Have you
I do not disagree with your maternity
In actuality it buzzes like a bug in me
It is insect and psychology,
I need to be shocked with a battery
you sleep at night.
Who grew up to be the dead battery? You wanna run me down and get shot of me? Who grew up to be the dead battery? You wanna run me
Showdown at the battery 
Showdown at the battery now 
Showdown at the battery, showdown 

Put down that snowball now 
Got no inclination to play
My batteries must be dying
Because you sound so different
When did it change?
When did it
Start to feel different?
You say, ?We'll work at it.?
We'll get your stepdad's car
Let's take it out to the cliffs
Oh, we could start a fire
And you can pretend
You can pretend to be a witch
to move)
Ooh, you're my love toy
(No batteries required)

No, no, no I'd be so ashamed
Besides I've got my reputation to maintain
Must you be so darn
[Verse 1:] 
Hands off my property this is not monopoly 
Holdin my girl and she alone can be on top of me 
Some got the chance and they came
Were naked and laughing
You shine on my battery Charlene
(Charlene, Charlene, Charlene, Charlene) 

I have always adored your witty mouth
in the battlefield facing fuckin' steel, no shield 

puppet goverments on the streets 

to confiscate C.B.'s, batteries and M.C.'s 

old car broke down 
The battery's dead, man like I said 
Oh what I'd give to be home 

18 miles from town, my old car broke down 
The fan belt's
be assault and battery 
Don't make me discombobulate your microphone 
Talking trash will only get you freaking head, flown 

Buy em out the box,
what's dear to me

Could I be sorry enough to make you not be sorry
For goodness sakes I'm sure you're sorry
You met up with likes of one who can't be
plugs don't spark in the dark
I'm chargin' up my batteries, chargin' up my batteries
Hey now, gimme full capacity
Chargin' up my batteries
Hey now,
no expiration date on the batteries
Look, I've never been a hater
It's never been in my nature
But, listen, let me hook you up 'cause

get this, thing started right here"

"Old battery might be done be at the level, I might get it started now"

"Besides, I'm about to fall"

closer to me."
I say you're running out of battery
You're running out of battery
And I don't see no bunny
Around here
If you believed at all in your
A young lady was talking to me the other day 
Ask me if I heard a new song called B.o.b. ( Battery Operated Boyfriend), 
And when I think about it
Always should be someone you really love

Avoiding all work
Because there's none available
Like battery thinkers
Count your thoughts on 1 2 3 4 5
This is a ballad for the good times
So put a battery in your leg
Put a rock beat over anything
Get it stuck there in your head
You can be with me
Maybe I'll be your hometown fantasy boy
I'm not battery operated
Or as sharp as you are serrated

And maybe I'll be a steam train all metal and black
want to challenge me
Snake mothafuckas with guerrilla mentality
These cats be spineless, to alkaline batteries
Enter the picture, and switch up anatomies
Looking for a ladder
In the stratosphere
So I can be happy
Let my bones melt away

Stranded on a plane
That was circling round
I carry my
Looking for a ladder
In the stratosphere
So I can be happy
Let my bones melt away

Stranded on a plane
That was circling round
I carry my
Nine years old and climbing out the house
Through a song played on piano
By my neighbors Les and Ray

I put my head up against the wall
To be