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She used to be a painted bird, yeah
War, she's a whore
Don't you know we love her more and more?

B-52 baby, way up in the sky
Come droppin'
I'm a skyscraper

Float like a buttuerfly
Sting like a B-52
And the radar locks on you
No static

Can I reach it now
Sing ho! for the A-bomb melody
It merrily whistles down on me
I'm wrapped in silver foil
My blood is on the boil
B-52s flutter coyly

All I
Well granddaddy came home in a B-52
In a pine box covered in red, white, and blue
He was one of the brave and the proud and the few
21 guns helped
Athens Georgia,
Fred Schneider, who went on to front
The hugely successful B-52's tried
Out for this position
The lyrical style of the young Schneider
que te saque de mis brazos 
Tu marido o el despertador
Que te interrumpa el desayuno 
El vuelo de un B-52
Puede que todo siga igual
TambiƩn puede
than a B-52
And then it goes around the world before it gets back to you

Hey our love has started can you believe
Before your eyes this shit just come