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Yep, it's B5
Yep, let's go

When you wish upon a star (when you wish upon a star)
Your dreams will take you very far, yeah, yeah, yeah
When you
Yo, yayo, yayo, yo
Yayo, yayo, yayo, yo
Soul Diggaz
B5, B5, B5
It's Bad Boy baby

[Bow Wow:]
And the prince

You know

Let's Gooooooooo

Let's Gooooooooo (jump in the ride with me baby)

Let's Gooooooooo

Never seen you round here before
Ladies and gentlemen
We got some new stars in the house tonight
They comin' straight off the bad boy tour
Their name is B5
They came to dance for
(Who) Yeah. Bad Boy
B5 Yeah
(Who) What? (Asian black) Com'on
You don't know what you do to me
(Yeah) Bobo Baby (Yeah)
You don't know what you do
The next generation worldwide
Corner boys
Bad boys, baby
As we proceed (yeah)to give you what you need
Empire strikes back
C'mon man