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Jäi koulusta mieleeni soimaan vain
Hei bab bab bab bab bo dibab
Kun toiselta luokalta kenkää sain
Soi bab bab bab bab bo dibab

Näin koko
Never did stop the pain, what did I do to me?

Bam babababab bab bab babab bab a
Sever my limbs and give me eight eyes
Bam babababab bab bab babab bab
bukkeureowo chyeodabol su eobseo
Sarange ppajyeosseo sujubeun girl
Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby
Gee Gee Gee Gee Bab Bab Bab Bab Bab Bab

plans have gone down the drain
Will Billy ever see Babs again?

He's a silly Billy,
Why can't Billy not see?
That Babs is just a slag she's
Check it out!

Lab dabm bab bab uah
Lab bab taba da bab bab uah
Lab dabm bab bab uah
Oh yeah!

Ich quatsch dich vorne freundlich zu
Und drück
Baloum boua leum bebe
Baloum boua leum bab'
Hum baloum
Baloum boua leum bebe
Baloum boua leum bab'
Hum baloum
Hum ba ba baloum yeah
Hum ba baloum
[Babs] We love this Diddy, you know what I'm saying, you you worked the shit out of us dog, I
ain't gon fuck', no I'm tried as hell
know I think I've quittin' that woman, but she begged me to take her back
Yeah, you know I'z a man-a-my word, now and now this is the way, my bab
Do you....wa-anna dance

[False ending]

Well, do ya wanna dance and-a hold my hand
Squeeze and tell me I'm your lover man
Oh bab-ay-ay, do you
boy who does the loco
Boy who will care
Want boy who's very handsome
Hope he has blond hair

Babs got a boy, so how can it be
All the uggs always
Elliot Ness, Babs bunny sara (heyya) choppa city
Dyan the jilinger, y'all stay focus, this is not a game
Brooklyn stand the fuck up, MIA stand up, new
and squeeze umm yeah
Do you, wa-anna dance?

Well do ya want to dance and-a hold my hand
Squeeze and tell me I'm your lover man
Oh bab-ay-ay do you want
out Babu with the cold, cut, scratched

Break it down
Break it down
Break it down

Yo, bring it back Bab?s one more time, that's fine
Face off on tracks
weary blues I've found
Oh, my bab' y left this morning
Lord, my sweet love ain't around.

Bab, you just lay low
Under your halo
Babs and Clean Willie were in love they said 
So in love the preacher's face turned red 
Soon everybody knew the thing was dead 
He shouts, she
she don't fly although she can

Bah bab bada bada dah
Some Girls
Love to run around
love to handle every thing they see

But my girl
i don't knows what's come over me

Yeah baby, tonights the night
Ima ride that thing like a motor bike
Grab my waist and hold it tight,
Bab's, forgive 'em)

See I think a wack rapper needs to catch service
I think a wack DJ needs to be nervous

Payin' good money, the fans
Free me from your spell

Free me
Oh bab' come on and free me
Free me
ain't no way, it ain't no way bab-ay
It just ai-ai-n't no way, it sho ain't no way
It ain't no way-ay-hey-ay for me to love you
If you won't let me
something to scratch
So they call herâ?¦
Yeah they call her the cat

She just does that double act
She got Babs and Joan down pat
She got hips like
Make me feel like a real man should
Make me, make me feel all right
Um, Bab, baby, baby, baby
Makes no difference when you're taking me down
believe you baby, I know you wouldn't lie 
Like a dog won't bark, like a bird won't fly 
Yeah pretty little bab why, you're a weapon with eyes 
I know
and Greg, they're second to none
They studied under Attila the Hun

Mr. Jennings has got his wig on tight
Flouder's left shoe's always on his right