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cause help me god if I ain't the cool cat. Unequal, it's not even legal I'm chased by the rap police like Bugsy Seagel. 

Baseline, baseline
back to the baseline
Had too much of waiting up
Had too much of things I tell you
It's the only way and it's love
Fill my cup oh I've said too much
turn on 
You tune in, you drop out
Acid has that affect
Baseline pumping
Body's rocking
Pulling the crowd hear them shout

do their time
Take me to the old playground
Where the talk is cheap
And the restless stalk the baseline

The old sage frowns, he says just pass it
want to know how to survive in the nightlife

I want to know how to survive in the nightlife
The truth and dare of the drug from the baseline
With beaches scattered with sentimental will.
In baseline days....

I won't let go
It's hard not to say so
I'm back, I'm back to thinking slowly..
a time I scored from the baseline off the glass
The coach instead of praising me said I should have made the pass
Once upon a time I ran with your lions
will write you, you don't write it
I, didn't mean to fall in love
Was rhythm that created us
I was running, we collided

Baseline, I will always
You got me dreamin' in color
I refuse to think any other way
Gotta get it straight
Before it gets too late
Bring back
Bring back the baseline
I think
what I've got actually the perfect one.

Baseline! (Ah wicked!)
Put a donk on it.

Electro! (Ah that is sick that mate!)
Put a donk on it.
Move my hips to the baseline
Let me get mine, you get yours
Hang a please don't disturb sign
Put my back into a slow grind
Sending chills up
Yo man, hit me with one of those funky baselines
One baseline at a time

The sun takes a bow for a day well lit
Next act is night with
I got a baseline, a gangsta tune
Put on the classics and your head will be movin' soon

Girls like my (Bassline)
Shake it to my (Bassline)
Gonna make it to my (Bassline)
Get butt naked to my (Bassline)
feel the good things of love
Knowin' there's nothing in my mind SUCKS!
Feedin' the sickness of her kind SUCKS!
Droppin' the bomb on the baseline
Sick, so
Enter the baseline and I wonder what you taste like, Only thing on my mind
And I hear it in her voice, she's giving me no choice
She's showing me
[Parrish Smith]
Back to take mine, like Jordan, goin baseline
Create rhyme, break spines, when it's showtime
Niggas wanna doubt me, talk about P
out of tune

But what you don't know
You lift me off the ground
You're inspiration, you helped me find myself
Just like a baseline in half-time
Bounce bounce holla for me if you really want it baby
Hands high booty rollin' (baseline) rock it for me
Show me that you're digital what are you
and weak.

Set the stage for them
Living amongst the endless time paradox
A baseline era of a thirsty vendetta
Never gaining back all that is lost
I'm Pat Riley
Baselines shoot at niggas, act wisely
Get the picture, niggas getting richer now
Living next to bitches, out on Fisher Isle
Down from
the baseline phat
It's an aphrodisiac
Just watching you like that
Oh, just watching you like that
Oh oh

I I I I am losing time
As you're feeding me this

Verse Three:

Lil' Fame: FACE MINE Cause I'm here
Dog its' all clear
Rap jewels put it on my baseline from a snare
Then the wanna doubt
Don't ever doubt the force of the baseline.
Or a record gone round to burn the house down.

(You got to let go of remote control.)


high, get high
Get high, get high
So get high, get high
Get high, get high


You’d better move, check out the baseline groove
Take control

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