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a man who tries to belittle me
And I don't like a man who tries to kill my hand
John Jones, you son of a gun
belittle every little voice that told you so
And then the time will come when you add up the numbers
And then the time will come when you motor away
be afraid to live a little,
Don't be afraid of the people that belittle our love,
Oh our love.

Open up your thoughts and listen to others,
Belittle our lives, make us feel small
Toy with your strength, now we ae hitting the walls
Stand over your victims are you happier now
How does it
drag a little
I wanna choke so you won't belittle
Everyone knows that she'll do it over
And over and over and over again

You're pretty, won't you
hands, pull the slivers 
No master plan, I deliver 

Enigma wrapped in riddle 
Your life I belittle 
Dignity I'd steal 
Now I know how it feels
I'd wish I saw three more
If I had just three more wishes
I'd live three times or four

You cannot belittle me
For I am the black cloud
That is
the smear campaign triggered to dilute

Belittle a life of nihility
A weathered soldier convicted with treason
incarcerated and tormented
Your ritual everyday
A mild shower soak in aftershave
Best clothes do your best
Look in the mirror go on
Belittle yourself yourself yourself
belittle every little voice that told you so 
And then the time will come when you add up the numbers 
And then the time will come when you motor away
you, can fuck you, inside of you. Staring through
Your eyes. Belittle your friends to serve me, to suck me,
To realize my saving grasp. I of suicide. I
figured out
Nothing at all
So you've got a tale to tell,
Well how about something real? feel free and stifle someone.

Go on and belittle someone
your delivery
But can you help that you belittle me?
It's not your fault
I feel so small
Anne Marie

I call to question
This pattern of disease
You resent all of your trophies
They belittle human spirit like a timepiece
That is ticking in your breast pocket
And so you long to reach in
'Cause I've never yet dipped my hand in iniquity
Don't blame it on me
Don't try to belittle me

So a one thing can so easy
And these are
Don't definite my character 
Don't belittle 
My authority 
It is time you recognized my quality 


Learn to love 
To love your brother
you are a traitor 
You both belittle humble 
Also fight against the meek (oh yeah). 
But I and I and I 
By the power of Jah-I 
We shall overcome
the chance to take on a fight 
You want to tear me down and belittle me 
A hollow attempt to build your own self-esteem 


Unfounded fucking
you will pay 
Mock me, belittle me, someday you will pay 
Another victim dies 
Fall victim to their lies
show you no weakness
I will mock you in song
Berate and deride you 
Belittle and chide you
Beat you with sticks
And bulldoze your home
You can
It's breaking me.

You can't belittle this,
This could change everything.
This one is mine to believe.

This is unparalleled,
A grace that's
misfortune left your heart so broken you only say
Words intended 2 belittle or dismay?
What if I say you lie?
Billy Jack Bitch (Well)

Open letters aren't
your bleeding hand
I know they'll come with what I'm owed-guilty as charged
My enemies belittle me reminding me the penalty 
Of all my deeds despite
they bribing with their guns, spare-parts and money,
Trying to belittle our
Integrity now.
They say what we know
Is just what they teach us;
So, nowhere to go 
Stimulating no illusion 

I should say something pivotal 
How you let me down 
Or, believe I adore you 

Love me if