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the heavy chested spread

May the purple painted thief

Dance on the harpsichord instead

Let mine eye state it bluntly

No such stuff was in my thoughts
lines it bluntly read.

You're not to come and see us no more,
Keep away from our door,
Don't come 'round here no more
What on earth did you do that

If you suddenly find out you've been deceived, don't get peeved
If your husband bluntly tells you you're too stout, don't you pout
And for
He man, I've seen ya, 
Think ya rockin' it on the floor,
You look like a moron! 
Who let you in the door?
To put the question bluntly
Maybe your
And the grasp you have upon this group
Is as fragile as a pile of ash.
They know your lies and weakness
With each open hand you bluntly lash.

Oh, these soft
   Bullet lead in the head to niggas I got ana with

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5- Bluntly
Well I say, "Shit floats"

If you thought things had changed
Friend, you'd better think again
Bluntly put, in the fewest of words:
Cunts are still
the fuck out the kitchen
In front of the whole industry on national TV
I'll bluntly, tell you to shut the fuck up

To all you got the pen niggas
really hate to speak so bluntly, but man, your girl she just chose me

Oh, oh, oh, I hate to be the one that let's you know
That your girl's everywhere
[Slick Rick]
Well I'ma tell you a story and I come out bluntly
want to ugly shot, hey nobody will want me
I used to walk around and get upset
Well I'm a tell you a story and I come out bluntly
want to ugly shot, hey nobody will want me
I used to walk around and get upset and upsetter
Solomon, spoke bluntly
Told the word I'm black and calmly
Howls from the grave haunt me
The smell of death's upon me, I dwell in the hills like Gandhi
the hinges off your door.
(kickin the hinges off your door)
And life is so lunt slunt
Reality hits bluntly
Amongst all these issues we grind, cause
The fears want me, to bring me to the hills of this country
So they can jump me, feel me up, in land and dump me

Damn right I said it bluntly
the bank I earn

I try to put it to you bluntly, so you bitches can learn
That nobody get tired when it's time to burn
With so many phonies out there,
moving real bluntly
Shaking and baking MC's like a junky
Fiending, hitting MC's like they was cocaine
Calling them John Doe, meaning they have no name
way, hopin' in time I can meet chu'
Now bluntly speakin' before we touch eyes I'm gon' greet chu'
Tell you my name and what this game is all about
enough respect
If not for the jewels, I drop the chunky neck
I'm funky fresh equipped with a rusty tick
Am I the best? Well, I gotta put it bluntly, yes
don't follow a blind lead, they follow me bluntly
Large appetite, my stomach is hollow, I'm hungry
I smack rappers like Solomon Grundi
As long as y'all
a phone book with mad names, looked down
Bow, there go Keeba, tying my shoes, I put the bitch on speaker
And bluntly addressed her, 'where's my girl?'
a bang
And to put it to you bluntly - MC's can't hang
Your boys and your family will be grieving your death
Weeping while they're sweeping up the pieces
of the crowd with 20 chains

Nonchalantly, I roll up on the rap scene bluntly
Still hittin' fiends off monthly
'Cause this rap shit ain't feedin' me
another dolla y'all
Check the ring around the collar
Fuck the ray ray and the lay lay
Mek yuh know bluntly seh we'll den
When I work I must get pay

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