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tonight (me tonight)
In the blink of an eye

She's a blur (blur, blur, blur, blur)
I'm only happy when she's leaving
Tell myself I'm living a (blur
Things are starting to blur
I almost called you a name
Things are starting to blur
I almost made a mistake
Things are starting to blur
I almost
The pleasure of the beast
Cursing through our veins
Burn the night burn the day
A burning light on our a mounlight flight

Everything blurs in the shadow
Defunct images clatter around, low haze races in, colors blur by reaching past gaps my analog past comes crashing in.
on the lights, her hand on my shoulder
Yeah, windows down
The wine in our heads
The city lights just blur
The city lights just blur

Let's go out
On a dock
And your turning black tables
And your making your head blur
Making your head blur
And your turning black tables
And your turning black tables
And your

Impatient soul
A spark that passed
Into a diamond blur
Of eons lost

And underneath
The universal will
Someone counts the loss
We are so hopeless
We are so hopelessly in love
She breaks my will
She's my bitter pill
Addicted to her
Can't fight off the chill
She blurs my
Take me there
I don't care
We'll find love

Space girl lands
Takes my hand
Blurs my view

Engines whir
Memphis blurred
Sunset deep
A young man drinks,
A young man drives,
His vision blurs,
And a young man dies,
His family hears,
Walking down my neighbourhood
Empty streets
Where has everybody gone?

Waiting for the light

Street names turn into a blur
Barely visible
And her worlds a blur
Her worlds a blur about her
The girls not green
She's got no clue
They're whispering about her
She's got no clue
She's never
really know what happened

It's just a blur, blur, blur
The whole thing's just a blur, blur, blur
It's just a blur, blur, blur
The whole thing's just
it could be

With teeth
With teeth
With teeth
With teeth

Wave goodbye
To what you were
The rules have changed
The lines begin to blur

still a blur
Can't remember what I did last night
Everything, everything is still a blur (did last night)
Can't remember what I did last night
I am one of the injured
A tear blurs flesh
Like an injured dog
Like wasted limbs
Get smaller
Pain is the stimulus of pain
But then
And sanity blurs 
And drives her crazier 

Take care of your father 
I cared for you 
Words her dying mother spoke 
Kill her too 

really so funny
It gets me so aroused

Very, very cordially yours
(Say, what you in for?)
Very most sincerely yours
Signed Mr. Blur

Locked up
of your head
I have seen you invent the damnedest things there

Maybe down the road I'll see you in a blur
From the speed of light you've had with her
Taken by surprise
In an early star shined night
With my thoughts I blur
Into their minds of knowledge

I glance upon the obscure date
Well, I
done and it's dine for good
Aftershocks in afterhours
The truth it blurs
O glass palace
O glass palace
Cleaned his guns for those who dug his
a blur
You got me feelin' like oh, oh oh, oh oh, so over exposed
I picked you light perfect but now I know
That I don't focus, 'cause your just a blur
Deep inside me
A demon's inside me
Vision blurs

Vivid red

The horrors that I see
The hell that surrounds me
And it burns

Vivid red

The radio is playing my favorite song
You remember the one
One day blurs to another
Time it passes fast
Do you find this too?
Learn to feel all over again.
My name is anonymous.
I taste like everyone.
Medication blurs the last five percent.