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Blurring the Lines (Minsarah) · Blurring the Edges (Meredith Brooks) · Blurring the Edges (Meredith Brooks)

Faces blurring...

Voices blurring...
Faces merging...

Lieutenant 030
Lieutenant 030 

X-ray match up
Sunlit concrete
Missing since 1963
My tongue that moves slow
A minute before the evil street
Breath woman captures a ghost
Blurring sweat heads eat noodlestuff

Sit up and beg

to the wrong
Getting mine
Getting to the right
Getting to the wrong
Getting high

Losing your mind
Losing your mind
It's blurring
It's fading
Or the ones snitching my sneaks, as long as I can buy 'em both cheap

American privilege, is blurring my vision, inherited sickness
Ill-defined, the creatures in your dream
Faces you know, blurring out what they mean
A tangle of voices twisting words out of shape
A bunch
With eight eyes traveling at the speed of sound
With black roads and yellow lines

Nights with packed rooms and blurring eyes
Open roads
These are
Join me, join me, join me, join me"

I'll eat the flowers that you're blowin' in my direction
I have to say that you're blurring my day
I like
Can't bear feeling I'm earthbound
Come in to land, take my hand
Four, three, two, countdown to one
Seconds blurring, world is gone
Just me and you, take
My bags are packed I'm ready to go 

(T minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 we have liftoff)

The stars are blurring were going fast 

There is
Facing outside

Reified and refined,
Blurring every line.
Just want a way not to be what gets sold to me.
FF=66 explains you're sick.
The revolution will be compromised
If we don't move now
1,000 mental road signs
Go blurring by
Telling us that this is the time
This is the time
The lines are blurring and escaping
I can't breathe alone
You know, you know
the better part of me is stolen
Whenever you go

We fell fast
Took a piss, got water 
Bought fuel to ride 

Blood is flowing 
And mountains are blurring 
There is something stirring 
Way down inside 

In the crazy world
Anything can happen
If you will it to
I'm just a hazy girl
Blurring all the edges
Only seeing blue

It's a wild
Deep red is blurring my eyes
I'll wait in the closet until tonight
I want you to explain your feelings to me
The blade on your skin is what
Fear of the sacred
We're blurring lines between the real and the fake here.
And so I scream, "Return to me.
Return to me, return to me."

Wheels go 'round, from end to end,
A passage run, go down, descend.
And underground the air is stale
With blurring light and endless rail.
Light my way for me
Light of light eternal
Light my way for me

Gazing through a veil of tears
Blurring the starlight glow
Holding my hands up to the sky
a family life

Remembering jobs, years lost as a father
Never learned how to speak up or say stop right now

Yesterday yearning, memories blurring
marionettes of
Real bone and blood
Stand on the corner of Washington square

Well our vision was stinging
And our eyes were blurring

Elevators got you
It's alright

Dark Sky, rinse me with rain and I'll cry
Love tears blurring my sight, it's alright
Filled up and want to be empty
Rinse Me

at this point I don’t care.
Take the exit ‘cause we’re getting nowhere.
Signs are blurring I can’t tell what’s out there.
Take the exit ‘cause we’re
blurring the lines.
And it's the very first night all over,
the very first smile and then
I'm falling for you again.

You wreck my world, you wreck my
blurring from town to town
Faces I forget, hotels all look the same
Worn down the knuckle too far
So long, so long

Lost are your colors, now life's in black
You're blurring 
Your words 
And you're very complicated 
Dream I'm addicted to you 
Put you back