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Step in front of a runaway train just to feel alive again
Pushing forward through the night, aching chest and blurry sight

It's so far, so far
Bobby, baby, you make me blurry
So blurry inside
I know I'm down home but I
Always thought a limousine was
Something to be laughed
Frozen in your headlights, glowing red
She knows you'll wait in the bruise, colored pale
Wet your mouth and lie to me

Blurry around the edges
Will you do
The thing you've always done
Tell me true
I think you know the one

One that makes me blurry
Colors start to run

Every time I wonder
blurry eyes ever again

With windshield wipers that can't wipe
away my tears,
And everything I own piled up in the
With a speeding ticket
Pledged your faith
My heart embraced
Struggle to renew 

Blurry mind
So hypnotized
Fast enough who

Wonder where you are

Step in front of a runaway train
just to feel alive again
Pushing foward through the night
aching chest and blurry sight

It's all far so far
need to try-
Livin' in a fury
Life's kinda blurry
Dtin' in a hurry
Stories kinda lurid-
No time to worry
Gonna hang the jury
Broke up kinda early
the garden 
Watch the flowers melt together
Boats reflected in the river
The picture on my wall
Your picture in my wallet 
Blurry and beyond 
If I stare
I don't mind it, I don't mind if you're overrated.
Or if you're staring at the edge of the world.
Keep in mind that I'm sore of blurry vision.
full of blurry sunflowers.
Under your bare feet are only symptomatic of the monster I have become.
You're right back where you came from

Come clean when lines get blurry
Come clean when the dawn gets dirty
Holding your breath
When you just wanna
Into the sound
The ghost of you 
Is close to me
I'm inside out 
You're underneath

I've got two faces
Blurry's the one I'm not
I've got
to go
The stars are blurry; we're going fast!
Rocket ship
Rocket ship
Planet X
There's this girl there
you free

I will be the light
When the world is blinding out your sight
I will be the light
When it's all getting blurry and covering up your eyes
A conscious decision to persuade
ourselves amongst the common human...
The drive to complete ourselves has become a blurry vision.
Wrenched into the world, deanaesthetized 
Blurry images fit their way through halfway opened eyes 
Awakened by alarm fifteen minutes of hygiene
Through a blurry window out above the rooftop
I keep looking at the rain-swept sky
In this small apartment where she used to love me
I just sit here
all my life

Some years are clear and some a little blurry
Man how they fly by
Mom and dad sure got old in a hurry
Where have I been all
There's something blurry about that girl
Oh yeah

And she's turning out to be
Immune to gravity
She's a lot like you
Not much like me
Oh yeah

And it's all a blurry memory

And if this ain't enough
You're going to drown your head in cheap
Whiskey and its all a blurry memory.

I'd never felt so content.
A high-speed collision gave a new sense of sight to me,
And now my vision can render the scene,
A blurry image of wreckage
It's easy to see far away
But right up close it's just a blurry haze
Flyin' by from day to day.

Who's gonna dry your cryin' eyes?
Touch if you could focus in confirm your eye to a different view as blurry as they seem to you
Well I used to have it all figured out
But now I'm lost
It used to be clear to me
Now everything looks so blurry
I used to have a handle on life