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I broadcast
Closing on another day now
All for a cold sore
Something out of nothing

I love the aspects of another city
It's got your number
At the last broadcast 
Here we are 
Our last broadcast 

Sun on faces made us feel alive 
The colours of the sky 
Southern trees, made us enemies 
"Ladies and gentlemen, due to circumstances beyond our control 
We are unable to continue our broadcast of dance music. 
We shall continue now with
In the midst of this effort
Courageous tongues are bitter
Don't blast them
Bring posters and broadcast
Not a public display
But a new secret
the guns shout
"Out of my way!"
Sex and violence are here to stay
Broadcast to the world 
Out of control
Ready to fold
Broadcast to the world
This is a tale of liberation
This dedication song
Broadcast it from all stations!!
This tribute, this salute

Cold hard facts one can't refute
Brecker was the best,
Why didn't you last,
We didn't you to past, away,
Can broadcast, from up there.
the night
(in Sinatra's broadcast of November 5, 1942, the song was interrupted)
this is our last broadcast

We're recklessly looking for the truth
And we'll tear this place apart
There is hope for us yet
Hope is there
The crippler
Broadcast violence
The crippler
Prime time gladiator
The crippler
Bloodsport champion
The crippler
He will take you down

Shattering your
stunning to show you care
You're so outspoken, the status quotient
Brought up to peak broadcast emotion
As calculated as the news is
At least you've got
We interrupt this broadcast to bring you this special message...      How's it goin' eh?  today's movie on the Universal National Network is
Old friend, they told me you were dead
The news broadcast, The funeral
500 channels focus in
Your love was
Ravished, drawn, and quartered
Jolted down the broadcast (??)
Second time today

Dealin with the hogwash
As you know x2

Flyin through this trail
A blue rain
To remember now
We broadcast hope
And I want you to remember, child
We broadcast hope
When there's nothing left
Nothin's clear 
And nowhere feels like
This, this is our last broadcast.

We're wrecklessly looking for the truth,
And we'll tear this place apart.
There is hope for us yet.

Hope is there.
We gape at our neurotic hands and swallow our own conclusive,unease
Inhaling the somber air and consuming the broadcasts that mislead
While starving millionaires complain
TV makes your ass fat

Tell us!
How rad is it living in a microscope?
Broadcast into every single living
you're sinking don't need it, 
Don't need it inertia disguised broadcasts of useless information are you tuned in? 
Designed to impress imagination do
At the bar
Softly softly

Through the trees
And the breeze
With a ninja


No Glenn Hoddle
broadcast in the dark

A necessary cover up
That's finally left its mark
So come on...
Your sneaky little schemes that show

The wolf's still at your
Nobody cares

For those of you have seen The Big Broadcast
Cab Calloway was unsurpassed
From mystery pictures Bela Lugosi
And relax with MrCrosby
This is only a test of the emergency broadcast system
This is a product of hysterical mass confusion
A ship of fools adrift on the sea of our
broadcast in the dark
A necessary cover up
That's finally left its mark

So come on ...

Your sneaky little schemes that show
The wolf's still at your
a new time
It's rising a new time

Dawn Dawn Dawn Dawn

Highway' linking evolution blast
Information knowledge interactive broadcast
Medicine high

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