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Like autumn leaves
Like tears
Over Dresden
Fire storm
In my heart
No fears
Now the western
Sees its end
What use
To all that are receiving this broadcast we are now entering our
Thirteenth hour of continuing cloud coverage. This ongoing event has been
To all that are receiving this broadcast, we are now entering the
Thirteenth hour of continuing cloud coverage
This ongoing event has now been
the message; he said, That can't be right
The storm knocked out the radio tower late last Saturday night

But through the static we heard singing
I ain't
a dark storm of lies
US peacekeepers have done justice to no-one:
as NATO missiles rained down KLA murders went on indisturbed
US peacekeepers bombing
inferiority complex
could ever cloud my dreams
when Storm comes Xavier merely called a meeting for a fleeting moment
refract the light with me convex lens

Royalty check, Strange Music is the label
Music on point, so now your boy is able
To be broadcast on your satellite and cable
Radio friendly,
Storm and Mr. Len 

Make dem weak, sour cheeks so they never come again 

'Cause y'all know how we do when we pick up these mics and broadcast it