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Here is the West German Broadcasting Station with the news
Fifty nuclear power stations will be built in the West German Republic
In the next ten
keep them fed
With tax money
To keep the carnage overseas
Pushing weapons to antagonists war
Might come back home some day
Broadcasting war to a jaded
get yourself
This has been Philipe Luciano broadcasting live on Hot 93.1 Masquerade
closed, none opposed
Broadcasting now,

And lying loud
The fearful proud
Sew up your mouth
And family

Is a static sea
New oaths to say
taste life more and more
But you need a little risk for the perfect mixture

This is your station under no control
Broadcasting for you to let go
This is
into danger
I wanna taste life more and more
But you need a little risk for the perfect mixture

This is your station under no control
form of broadcasting
Bringing forth a suspending shroud over the actuality of our decomposing
Smothering the choking truth and realism.
They will drag you back for more
When your frame runs dry minds will start to fly
They will break before they fold

Broadcasting once, broadcasting twice
the dial she was pulled by the power
Of the word coming out of that broadcasting tower
want to be on fire.

Jam, radio, jam.
Power to the pirate stations,
Broadcasting up through the flowery cracks in the pavement.

I know you just
From my booth in the broadcasting tower
I send out my s.o.s.
And when I reach into the breach
Of a wandering pair of eyes
I see a, 

don't know If I'll still be here. 
When the sun rises again.
But somewhere in the distance. 
There's a tower and a light.
Broadcasting a resistance.
the game.
I should be discontinued.

I am a broadcasting embarrasment.
Hiss like the damned.
Decoding the transmitted pulse that dispatch from her lips.
Broadcasting guilt, exposing weakness, when we wound it's real.
Holding hope for to morrow, as we are conditioned, until tomorrow slips.
I have a talent for
Broadcasting from his killing den. 
Dressed in pounds and dollars and yen, 
President Kill wants killing again. 

Hooray, hang out the flags,
a country station
I'm a little bit corny
I'm a wild wood flower

Waving for you
Broadcasting tower
Waving for you
And I'm sending you out
This signal
broadcasting live
Right here from the Chocolate Factory
Where music ain't just music
But hit music, let's go

Steppers to the floor, steppers to the floor
and squirt and I’m out that bitch

Broadcasting live from south central Los Angeles
Where the babies born scandalous
The street I keep my hand in it
call me Mother Superior Joe
Broadcasting Casanova radio
They call me King Kong Raisin Bran
A fortified Hollywood Devil-man

Strapped behind
careening down!
Winding the canyons, now!
Yes, I am broadcasting myself!)

Yes I'm winning
I feel energy bein' pulled off from all sides
muddled words as though they're deaf 

Big brother isn't watching anymore 
He knows we are distracted and absorbed Broadcasting our grief 
crashing down on India
We say no way

ADF broadcasting
We no ramp
We no play
We get mad!
What them a say
WHat them a chat about
This is reality man
Let's get lost
Fingers crossed
It is an ordinary evening
I am broadcasting are you receiving

Sick sick sound
All fall down
It is a necessary
asking their questions
These people broadcasting doubt
We're going to teach them to keep their mouths shut
Up until the learn to shout
paid the cost

I wanna go
As far as I can go
Just not loco though
Japan and even Tokyo

Yeah broadcasting live to your radiostation
This is Snoop