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not why
I'm so hard done by

It was true cinema a clef
You should see it before there's nothing left
In an epic too small to be tragic
You'll have
the p-you-s-s-why-see-a-t
That's Clef in the drop Lex
Keep the prophylactics for safe sex
Manicure, pedicure, human hair from the Korean stores
Ghetto cats, got your back
Honesty, honesty, honestly, all these jokes are common-league
Puppets with no autonomy, yup it's Fugees entirely

(Chorus Clef) + [L-Boogie]
I see you
What's your question?

What's Clef got to do with this, got to do with this?
What's Clef?
I'm not a Bob Marley impostor
What's Clef got to do with
bien, Banlieue Sale, CDC
Quand le bon Dieu t'appelle, tu paies le h'ram T.T.C.
Ouvrir les portes avec des clefs de bras, gros
C'est toujours Fouiny
Rock of Ages clef for me let me hide myself in Thee
It was a stylish congregation you could see they had been around
And they had the biggest pipe
What's Clef got to do with this, got to do with this? 

What's Clef? 

I'm not a Bob Marley impostor 

What's Clef got to do with this, got to do
J'y suis déjà allée

Mais comme avant
Je veux y retourner

Retrouver cette paix dans ma tête
Marcher plus de mille kilomètres
C'est sûrement
de ces années qui lassent
Ressemble à toutes ces sépultures
Qu'on regarde, le temps qu'elles s'effacent
De notre mémoire, c'est le plus dur

Et tu
Me and Clef on this track what you want
Heard you wanna battle us both I hope you don't
Hand me my mic, two woofers in my trunk (huh)
Sound like
La province vient Pimpé sa life sur Paris
Du banditisme au rap, tu peux pas testé Paris
Tu sais que c'est Paris, ici c'est Paris

J'ai les clefs
hundred men now 
Would dare cut into us 
We'll go on and see it through 

Une rose qui a joue son role 
Mon Miroir, 
Mon clef d'or 
Why'all want to thank why'all for coming out tonight to see me
Right now put your hands together
For original, original diva, original dub plate
the streets' shore
I could see the shark's fin
They ain't eat nothing in a week
And they hunger is the reason why the blood drips on the concrete
So run your
that means your sound is done

C'mon, c'mon
(Get the hell up!)
Soundbwoys ('Clef said, get the hell up!)
(Now throw your hands in the sky) Yo
I'm ready, I'm ready
Check, 'Clef, to, rock
Hey I'm dancin with this girl, you find your own girl
(Oh-own girl, oh-own-girl, oh-own-girl,
welcome to the real world where a spade is a spade
And I'ma call it like I see it 
Ay, why'all living in a masquerade
Even though Jacob iced you out wit
And though the road beckons once more
I see the damage that I've done
In search for redemption
But I am just a broken man
Whose souls cries out
That's key-treble clef lead
Better yet just be
Let 'em see how your get your fresh

How you get free, how you shake 'em
Epilepsy with that
avec le corps et le cerveau musclé, moral en barbelé..
Dis au Hassasse de parler moins fort,
C'est rien que des portes clefs, Nique les !
La rue

Elle a su, simplement
Changer les clefs de son coeur
Et de l'appartement

Attends-toi א c'que je me traמne
A tes pieds, Laura, en attendant je sais
Pour pouvoir tout changer, changer

Dans les poèmes de Michelle
Les enfants ont des ailes
Pour voler
C'est quand la nuit tombe
Qu'ils deviennent
See'est une maison bleue
Adossée à la colline
On why vient à pied, on ne frappe pas
Ceux qui vivent là, ont jeté la clé
On se retrouve ensemble
Quand la richesse tente de nous phone ici on capte pas
Tu veux diriger ta vie mais t'as pas la clef d'contact 
C'est pour compter leur tune qu'ils t'ont
Oooh, I can't believe it
Could this be love, ya'll
Could it be love
Could it be love
At first sight
Come on, let's go
I see