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idea and twisted it
Bandwagon prophets are what you see
Another fucking program for MTV
Political correctness makes me sick
They took a good idea
I know, I know
The social programs program lies
Fail to see just compromise
Casualties yet unforeseen

Logic dictates sinking shit
I'm not
all tuned in, I see all the programs
I save coupons from packets of tea
I've got my giant hit discotheque album
I empty a bottle and I feel a bit
Breeding, seething,
Feeding, breeding

oush one reality, push two for
What you wanna see
For what's to be
Program finance inconsistencies

for some
Government funding of military science
Genetically engineered ultraviolent
DNA, killer genes
To program microchips, marines
See stealth bombers
the chord
Free mind of city life, just ecstasy
Don't block the flow, only you can see
Your reality
And as the program runs surely to the screen
You can't
today you need a program to see who to shootin' who
And I hear folks a sayin' that tomorrow we'll all be through
'Cause we got a bum and they got a bum
Eyes see now what to see
My eyes see only the programs you give me

I'll teach you to laugh and to cry
They're really the same you'll see
You see them in the shops
You see them on the kids programs
And they talk a lot of wind

Oh the boredom in my bones
From belching a lot of wind
no longer shop happily
I came in here for the special offer
A guaranteed personality

I'm all tuned in, I see all the programs
I save coupons from
number one

Oh boy, come see the plans
They're pure genius
Pure genius
Oh boy, get with the program, man
Come see the plans
They're pure genius
Can you hear me, are you listening, has your program disappeared?
I can see you, I am watching you, I've been planning this for years.
I have
to face. 

E.S.P. E.S.P. E.S.P. 

She knows about ghosts, she can read your mind.
But I don't believe her, and I want to see her.
The TV program
love program
the love program is on tonight
you really turn me on
this is the moment of our lives
it has only just begun
the love program is
on the phone begging you to wait for me
I've completed a lot of programs 
So when I see the Board now they should have a day for me
Hear it in your voice that
Beta version 1.5 Deprogram programmable programming programs, deprogram programmable programing programs. Raised on antiques passed for reality. Spatial
the fleshy folds of history's underbelly
And your artwork was unusual
And your scientific programs phenomenal

Take to the ?
My inferior
My inferior
From a badness them go program
Them better prepare
I'm the Hawk with the eagle we no have no fear
Them no have so read ma lips or pull up
You better get with the program in your fuckin' head,
Cause the life you see is left for dead.
With the program in your fuckin' head,
all it takes
To make the program
When you hear the way loose lips talk
It makes you wonder what you bothered for
When you see the way opinion swings
Watch the skies dawning on you,
Soaring over country land.
Message comes from Kathmandu:
Sky is blue and clear.
Program your outing.
would stop you from viewing an adult film may be back next year to complain about a book, or even a TV program. If you can be told what you can see
cannot be too glad
In fact, I'm sure he must be quite mad
To see us take His role from our lives 
And give it to computers

For here we sit in our
All the red tape is mechanical rape
Of the TV program waste

Data control and I.B.M.
Science is mankind's brother
But all I see is draining me
Get down with the program
Just do what I say and show it to me

Get down until you see the break of dawn
Lay it down like an atomic bass drum
You look

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