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So please pardon my post-partum depression
A-list MC to spit it in C-Sections
For immature minds that get it with each lesson
You unlucky, I'm your fuckin' c-section
Plus I'm the last real nigga alive
Toast glass, Ill Will, the label get high
Realize, how many classics
Women's hospital where she was admitted
Posed to be there for 12 baby due any minute
Experiencing complications baby no longer kickin
Perform a c-section
you with the C Section
In Malibu I'm bout a sea section
And all these bitches is my sons
Yeah C-Section

I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney
you what I’m involved in
Death to anybody, get it’s the order with coffins
It’s a hood thing, going in the belly of the beast
A C-section couldn’t
your face a c-section and keep stepping
Who else in a hurry to Mirk
We kill girls, rape em', bury their skirts

Imagine me wake up 7:30 for work
I got twenties flyin' send ghetto benji to ad lib it (I do!)
Haha, get it, 
I'm so far ahead 
Of my time no c-section
Y'all club we v.i.p