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Circle doing 82
A couple minutes later they were under Bronx Zoo
J. C. shuddered and he said, "I guess
This used to be a local but it's now an Express"

Hey what's the matter wit' you guys back there,
You sure look beat or somethin', you been knockin' yourselves out?

We want a 15 minute intermission
Written by Warren Zevon, c. 1970 United Artists, c. 1996 EMI Capital Music Special Markets

I was born down in Corpus Christi
With a dram glass in my
you're living a lie
The more you want
The less that you receive
And they will adore you

And they will hear you cry out
I want my 15 minutes

My 15 minutes
There'll be 15 minutes of kissing 
Then you'll holler "Please don't stop" (Don't stop !) 
There'll be 15 minutes of teasing 
And 15 minutes of squeezing
haven't they? Yeah
At least 20 states

Wanting my autograph and picture
I have met a whole lot of nice people
And I think I've had my 15 minutes
Enhance 34 to 46
Pull back
Wait a minute, go right

Enhance 57, 19
Track 45 left
Enhance 15 to 23
Gimme a hard-copy right there
Come to me my melancholy baby
Cuddle up and don't be blue
[introduction to Dean Martin's 15 minute radio spot]
Or else I shall be melancholy too
to  be
It's  so  strange
You  feel  so  insane
It's  like--who's  that  talking  to  me
Here's  your  15  minutes  of  fame
What  you  gonna  give  me
Flash in the pan
15 Minute Idol
I'd rather sit at home and wonder
Never understand
How to be a 15 Minute Idol

Get our lives from TV screens
Run the track
Ooh, it's it's so funky (yes it is)
It's it's so funky (15 after da hour baby)
Ooh, it's it's so funky (something always happens)
Soul for sale
She'll give you everything inside
If you take her on that 15 - minute ride

Soul for sale
She'll light the screen up with her skin
Enhance 34 to 46
Pull back
Wait a minute, go right

Enhance 57, 19
Track 45 left
Enhance 15 to 23
Gimme a hard-copy right there
to rock and fall
Let the record spin
And click on the lip machine

Famous minute number 15
15 famous minutes kissing
Last second minute 15
15 famous
Written by Warren Zevon and Carl Hiaasen
C. 1995 Zevon Music BMI

I'm a junk bond king
And I'm on the run
Me and a friend of mine
We were headed for
your twenty-four symptom
Just a little
Just for fifteen minutes
I want a little

15 minutes of fun, pleasure
Now you're gonna go insane
a minute more
Ready for the knock on my door
5:15 not a minute more
Ready for the waves on my shore
And at 5:16 if you're not with me
You can catch me
missed my case.
Mmmm....15 minutes to go.

Yeah, well if you're so sorry, come up and take my place.
I got 14 minutes to go.

Well, now here comes
to toe, 
I'm U. S. A. and C. I. O. 
Fightin' out here on the waters to win some freedom on the land.
minutes on a couch with you
What a good idea
If I had 15 minutes on a couch with you
The things that you're wearin' won't stop me now, hey!
What a good idea
I may be wrong
I may be very wrong

I'll be back in 15 minutes
When they make me a superstar
When I'm back in 15 minutes
I won't forget who you
a sixty Minute Man!"
* There'll be 15 minutes of kissin',
And then you holler "Oh please don't stop!"
There'll be 15 minutes of teasin'
And 15 minutes
elles sont à la recherche de plan C.

Qu’est-ce qu’on demande?
Une jolie paire de hanche et, du bon son qui nous empêche de penser!
Pétasse blanche
is back
Yeah rollin' with the tbt

Were gonna rock the house for my man joe c.
Yeahh, we want to start this show, come on
Come on, yeah
own fault
'Cause you got mixed up in fame

Oh no don't believe all that old Andy Warhol guff
It takes a lot more than 10 or 15 minutes
That's just