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way she can wind

A. C. D. C.
She's got some other lover as well as me
A. C. D. C.
She's got some other women as well as me
She's got some other
you have done
(Yea yea yea)

Oh girl, you made me love you
Now, now, now, now your loving man has gone
(C. C. Rider) Girl what'd I say (C. C.
pushed the people up and back and 'round about
He squeezed so many in he squeezed the engineer out

J. C. Cohen, what a great conductor
How he'd moan, step
And this is the way
We rock the house!

Ha hah
Ya don'
Ya can't
And I don't
Ya don't stop!
D. M. C.

I'm the King of Rock, there is
Foot in the Grave" by S. C. McGrath) 
Bones have been picked, 
(Solo: "Distressed Fallopian Discharge Bottled & Sold" by L. d. Muerte) 
Your carnage
B. blown-up in flames
C. polluted oceans
D. seas of disease

None of the above!
Young and Warm and Wonderful
Tony Bennett
Written by Louis C. Singer and Hy Zaret

Peaked at # 23 in 1958

Young and warm and wonderful
[Lyrics & Music: C. Milnes]

I want to wrap my hands around your neck,
Squeeuze, squeeze until your dead,
I'd like to see your eyes bulge out of your
looking for a fight
Silhouette looks like a furry Persian rat
When you see him coming mama, you'd better run
Because Jasper C. Debussy that's his kind
Victor A. Victor B. Victor C. Victor D.
Victor E
(P. Sevran / S. Lebrail / C. Velasquez) - 1945
Besame besame mucho
Cette chanson d'autrefois je la chante pour toi
Besame besame mucho
Comme une
(words & music by sid tepper - roy c. bennett)
When you meet by chance, it's not by chance
It's kismet
When two hearts stand still, it's destiny's
(featured in the film Midnight Cowboy)
Written by Warren Zevon, c. 1970 United Artists, c. 1996 EMI Capital Music Special Markets

It wasn't
Billy C.

Well, my woman left me yesterday,
Sure do need this drink
My mind's so damned turned around,
That I can hardly think
I'd like some peace
Shipped it to stations, now many people know of me
I'm the D. into the O. and the O. into the C. and the C. into the period
Suckers are fearing' this
Dave Van Ronk and Doris Day
Bobby Darin, Brownie McGhee
Elvis, Buddy and Eddie C.

Frank 'n' Ella, Ray 'What'd I Say'
Johnny Cash and Johnnie Ray
I'm a fresh MC, who's on his way
To be an MC with the most to say
And to all those out there, that don't know me
I go by the name of D. M. C.
Where would you go first?
[Pak Man]
A. The Police to make a great deal and cash in on your award.
B. Your Momma.
C. The Trap
D. None
me too
Girl go for broke
Put it in ya mouth
Woncha deep throat?
That D. I. C.
That dick!
Realize baby girls a nasty bitch

P. U. S. S. Y.
Pussy, pussy.
(N. Tennant, C. Lowe) 
Producers: Pet Shop Boys and Chris Porter 
Album: Wildest Dreams (96) 
Special Guest: Neil Tennant (backing vocals)
and at the spot on the weekends
You'll see smoke risin', just who could it be
It's my rhyme and crime partner, d. dash l. o. c.

Yeah that be me born and raised in
In the desert with a bottle of J.D.
The red pipe glows with lines of c.
Things are normal but they won't be soon.
Hairy monsters in the next room.
anything to obey
And if things go wrong, well you just have to pay


[REPEAT C. x2]
was stuck like a little pig on castle lawns and said "look at what's happened to my leg". 
C. He has thoughts, crap, Blake-like, like "while they sleep
He was stuck like a little pig on castle lawns and said "look at what's happened to my leg".

C. He has thoughts, crap, Blake-like, like "while they