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my nigga another day the same shit 

Punk ass C.O.'s on a nigga dick 

Got me up at three o'clock cookin eggs and grits 

I'm a cheifa C.P I
but stare 
My C.P coat is lyin' just there 
Draped over the edge of that dusty chair 
All fits into place suddenly 
Yeh my coat was hangin' up under
Of the chain danling, y'all know that I'm from C.P

Do you really wanna know about some gangsta shit
Outkast, Goodie Mob and the Dungeon clique
Do you really
And if ya didn't know,
Now you know I represent the N.O.
C.P three G's to my daddy yo.
I'm just a kid but I gotta Benz,
Money green wit the chrome out 20
est sous tes teens
Faire tout fumer dans la vie depuis le C.P
Un diplôme n'est qu'un bout de papier
Un peu comme l'O.C.B
Molo Bolo

to check my man Gee for his m-i-see
'cause the way we be mine simply couldn't maintain
As usual Gee was on C.P Time
But he came through with this mic, plus