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a fluke hid in vacinities
To avoid detection change identities
It's a neverending war
It's a neverending war
Hey Captain Pete, where's Section E?
and cannot sense the changes
Lets have another drink, dear, before we get deranged
I can see me in the morning; avoiding your detection
Slowly down
on dismay, temper detections
And that's nightly, too much messing with my psyche
That enough hurts, but you fight me
So you must love to dislike me

what you want when you want it,
You reject any change that I make.
You ask me for more when I've spent it,
When I've given it all, you still take.
Green bareen thought slicka
I'm one step ahead, slide thru enemy lines like a black ack figga
Camouflage, runnin thru you zone with detection
Regrets, only those who chose to cross up in my section, confession
I ain't afraid to shoot ya
Cause prostitution in the projects seem to be this
than digital
Rap is outta control, this why this time is pivotal
For us to make a change from the youngest to the oldest
Humblin these cats who swear up
of change;
The State is aware of that. The bomb serves many functions.
If fear of the omnipotent God is no more,
The nuclear Father will govern with his