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Born Leader
Character Executioner
that's Your Signature
Character assassination
Fascination The Nation
Now We're Attached
At The Television
Daniel Webster
I was the devil himself

Two characters in search of a country song
Just make believe, but so in love
Two characters been listin' all
To me he's a fabulous character
(He's near and I glow)
A fabulous character
(And I love him so)
He walks by my side 
And I dance on air
I find
The murder happy characters have such fun
They murder happy characters one by one
You want a second chance
But you don't get one

And the good
Behind the transition
Lies a sense of ambiguity

Why hide behind the truth
Of what you are?

Your character becomes distorted
In the quest for
Born of possession, complacement in disguise

Craving and candid, as to defy the character's fall
The kisses you drain, pedestrian pedigree
check me out
check me out
Public enemy number one
Lord Quas up on the set
Word Bet
Bad character you see up on the screen

So many contradictions
So much confusion
So much clarity
So many moments of faith and fear
So many different characters live within us
Sky fell on your face
Smothered you in blue
And when you shook it off
Your history fell through

Another chapter gone
Your character's alive
Well, I 'll tell you
One good thing at least about some
Of these junkies was
They had some character
They may have driven me nuts
First think of a name
Try to keep it the same
All day
Now go over your lines
And get in the character
Now open an eye
Nice try
Standing naked in front of me 
Won't you sex my soul?
Fortified, the joker wins
I've tried to make her proud 

Freeze up broken character
Billy-a-dick, tick, tack
When's that character comin' back?
When's that kid in the G.I. lid
Gonna choo-choo down the track?

Poor ol' me, I'm beat as can be
Copyright Brian Ray

Let your character be free
From the love of money
Be content with what you have
For He himself has said
I will never leave you
Part character part sensation 

The shadow is cast
I've seen
With every fiber of my heart and soul and being
Content of Character
Constant test of will
Pass or fail this test
I will sacrifice
Help me
and bad character
Dem the kinda livin
Can´t hold Chaka (Follow me)
A pretty face
And bad character
Dem the kinda livin´
Can´t hold Chaka
Seh gal yuh
There's a story
And then characters will come to you
Relating events as they choose to
But all their words and actions come entirely from you

under the wire

"the pit and the pendulum"
"the man of the crowd"
"the tell tale heart"

His characters move
Baptism by fire
The poet's survival kept
already popular characters into new locals and situations.
First up, a gritty crime drama starring Springfield's beloved police chief Wiggum.
you knew what I knew
It's character assassination

Teenage suicide
I'll think, I'll overdose
Cover of rolling stone
4 lines I'm comatose

You're never,
Your friends,
We are your soldiers
Sworn to protect
Your character
And there is no attack
For which we're not prepared

When you need us,
you're scared to live about it
Do you want another boy?
Can't erase the other one
So we waste each other
Character lies in intent
Do you want another boy.
I had I dream I was a vigilante sidekick
My name is Tim I'm a lesser known character
I had a dream I was a vigilante sidekick
Fighting crime in
can finally rest.
The essence of my character is that I'm unable to be without worrying.
The words of dead humans seem so much more sincere