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do what your told)
Cutting horses, bleeding forces, silver skin
(cold entering the fold grab your hand and hold don't do what your told)

They'll be no long last ...
Coming [or cutting?] out of the spotlight
Running out of the last protests
Standing by the feelings of an end
Suddenly all of my fences have broken
I'm cutting the reins of my life

Whoa Runaway horses
Take us through the night
Runaway horses
Ooh baby hold
An unsavoury You spending my time on them
Without hesitation earning your money on us
Forged truth coming out
-filthy fingers

Alone cutting
Is holes and lack of love left 
Some hair from a horse 
And none of it is yours, man 
You come from an island 
You're cutting diamonds 
Piercing through flesh
Cutting bones so don't test
You're so fed up because you think you know what's best
You didn't quite get there, something
left with someone that I miss
I'd walk a hundred miles
sold my horse, got fired by the consul
a testament to flags, I was hostile
tried faith
Coz god I still hate you so much 
So give me my dream or pour me this drink 
coz thats all you're good for 

And there's a white horse that
a film, write a song
Gotta get my stockings on
Meet the press, buy the dress
All of this to impress
Ride my horse, break some bones
Take it down
stumbling in the street with tears, their men bitter and angry, the rich rubbing shoulders with beggars and outcasts. Dogs snarled and whined, the horse's
and outcasts. 

Dogs snarled and whined, the horse's bits were covered with foam, 
And here and there were wounded soldiers, as helpless as the rest.
We saw
She was a girl from a one-horse town, the only place for miles around,
Cutting hair in the modern style, putting in the nine to five,
But every
Talkin' shit like shut up and listen to me
Because cutting through the crap is my specialty
Like a bomb I'm dropping yes a ton of lead
You're trying
The foamy
The remains of cartilage
On the forest floor
Watching hunters sit on the horse
They move with adrenaline and force
Intent for a main course
life by the sword
And if you live by it, die by it, I'll still kill your horse
Set me up, coming back, like a thief in the night
I'll have a suicide
life by the sword
And if you live by it, die by it, I'll still kill your horse
Set me up, coming back, like a thief in the night
I'll have a suicide
it's on me, put it on my tab, kid, however you get there
Foot it, cab it, iron horse it, you leaving on your face forfeit
I crush the mic hold it like
"It's on me, Put it on my tab kid."
However you get there
Foot it, Cab it, Iron horse it
You're leaving on your face, forfeit
I crush the mic,
folks say

And they say Big Joe had an old pet frog 
Bigger than a horse and he barked like a dog
And the only thing quicker than a train upon a track
on the matter of splatter
Leaving no headstone unturned and no gravesite unmarred
Our wayward journey six feet straight down we undertake

Dark horses tread
gonna trade heads with a moose
Ganksta N-I-P with the psycho voice
Some say I'm insane 'cause I married a dead horse
It's Christmas time - Happy New Year
a second, cause I'm wrecking eardrums cold Black-N-Deckin
Hold on the horse cause the force is like dark
If you can't slide then stay out the park
And my
sharp for cutting ya skin
Tie you up make you watch while I'm fuckin' ya kin

Don't get scared, be prepared for the worst
Don't get scared, be
slow dance
Turn a young'n to a dozen paper dolls holding hands.

And tricky was a wooden horse pushed up on your porch
So chicanery was yours to engage
brain, put a string where his ears were, all the king's horses and all the king's men, swing the whole mess at the end of the wire, scratch out his eyes

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