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T.S., T.S.A., S.W.A.K
X's and O's who knows what all of that means?

P.P.D.S.P.E.M.R.M.F.O.B.T. must have took
Lots of hours for you to see
What I
might just get shot 

I'm n.d.p I'm F.L.Y I'm out yo league, they come in dark skin white spanish japanese,
Light skin girls want to join a nigga team,
I'm from the ghetto so I still claim my street (ghoststyle) 
remember me D Saucer M-P (M-P) 
I know these bitches want to get on top of me
But I'm so breezy
I make this look easy
No fakin' I'm seasoned
You gotta believe me
I went from TV's
To screens to D-V-D's
To C-D's,
To M-P