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Cha cha cha

L o v e love bomb
You blow my mind
L o v e love bomb
You cha cha cha
L o v e love bomb
You make me ch-ch-cha ch-ch-cha-cha ch-ch-cha
In '97 don't be alarmed, Gravediggaz drop
(Da Bomb! Da Bomb! Da Bomb!)
G, are, A, V, E, D (Da Bomb!)
I, double G, A to the zig zag Z
motherfuckers believin ya tryin' to find shit 
Matter fact, Mel, used to fuck a girl Trish gal 
Unique hit, little E and bomb bags heroin 
Now they assed out
'e bomb 
Ch''e plancie aizano 'e suonn' mi 
Magie ca te fann' omm 
'A vita facile nun te nfraceta te squaglia rint all'acid 
'E vote nun me
BLUE BUTTERFLIES in my tummy started flyin'
Baby was E BOMB, she left ELAINE and MARY JANE cryin'
CHANEL smell good as NOSECANDY is the aroma
And we push our hack platoon to get started 
Terrorists through e-mail drop bombs,
me or any of the members of my click
For that matter, wit ya chitter-chatter
Makin your body parts splatter
Send you an e-mail bomb and erase your data
puff bomb E T just to fill the void and recollect the word 

Of a Vet once put me down with Be about your paper mack and 


The folks you
victims, Mr. M-E to F, bomb threat
As long as I ain't no game, there's no contest


[Method Man]
Ticallion is phatter than your fattest chrome
rightful owners 
My style is wild, like G's or the pistolas 
No need to ask, I put you on like a ski mask 
We can Fight the Power like this was P.E. class
apples fallin' from the sky.
D-Ropped and A-Bomb, E-Ricket Blood was shed.
Another Crab Nigga, Dead.
Oh, muthafuckin', well, punk bitches.