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Cha cha cha

L o v e love bomb
You blow my mind
L o v e love bomb
You cha cha cha
L o v e love bomb
You make me ch-ch-cha ch-ch-cha-cha ch-ch-cha
In '97 don't be alarmed, Gravediggaz drop
(Da Bomb! Da Bomb! Da Bomb!)
G, are, A, V, E, D (Da Bomb!)
I, double G, A to the zig zag Z
motherfuckers believin ya tryin' to find shit 
Matter fact, Mel, used to fuck a girl Trish gal 
Unique hit, little E and bomb bags heroin 
Now they assed out
BLUE BUTTERFLIES in my tummy started flyin'
Baby was E BOMB, she left ELAINE and MARY JANE cryin'
CHANEL smell good as NOSECANDY is the aroma
And we push our hack platoon to get started 
Terrorists through e-mail drop bombs,
me or any of the members of my click
For that matter, wit ya chitter-chatter
Makin your body parts splatter
Send you an e-mail bomb and erase your data
puff bomb E T just to fill the void and recollect the word 

Of a Vet once put me down with Be about your paper mack and 


The folks you
victims, Mr. M-E to F, bomb threat
As long as I ain't no game, there's no contest


[Method Man]
Ticallion is phatter than your fattest chrome
rightful owners 
My style is wild, like G's or the pistolas 
No need to ask, I put you on like a ski mask 
We can Fight the Power like this was P.E. class
apples fallin' from the sky.
D-Ropped and A-Bomb, E-Ricket Blood was shed.
Another Crab Nigga, Dead.
Oh, muthafuckin', well, punk bitches.

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