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Spit it out, the sad truth
One of many secrets we acquired in youth
My dirty clothes
Lately I keep 'em in the luggage that you to gave me

The food chain of the thought process of GRAVity
Mental growth is acquired when the farmer sow seed
To penetrate my face and make ear drums bleed
Of these --
a shame
I'm aimin' at the bathroom stall on all of y'all
With the H.J.s deflecting these hate rays
Until the sun falls 
You acquired a dream
Crawl before
ya blinded by the fire like that bitch in the killer 

You know I'm iller, than the caviar, with these rhythms 

That's Acquired to break down Immune
enough to make your eyes blink from it
Only male with the Holy Grail, drink from it
I keep an eye on heaven and a ear to the street
And spread a thick
gon find [?]"
So tomorrow, in hindsight, if you an artist, death's near, the fans know
What you draw falls on deaf ears like Van Gogh
I chose rap glory