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Extra! Extra!
Read all about it.
Pin Ball Wizard in a miracle cure!
Extra Extra read all about it
way too short for me
He tryin' to be
Extra smooth, extra smooth
Extra cool, extra cute
If I'm supposed to talk to you
Be your boo
(be your boo, be
Music for your tape recorder.
I hope you will enjoy it.
Extra, extra...

This is Helena, this is Helena.
Extra, extra...
This is Helena, your
Extra! Extra!
Hey look at the headline
Historical news
Is being made
Extra! Extra!
They're drawing a red line
Around the biggest scoop
Of the decade
Headline news, headline news
Everybody say
Extra, extra, read all about it
Extra, extra, read all about it

The world is at my feet
There's a halo
Extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra [2x]
You got this issue girl
With the things that you've been saying
Ain't trying to dis you girl
all been spent
Now tell me 'bout your claim to fame
Now, ain't that some claim to fame

Extra, extra, read all about it, now
Extra, extra
and boys 
Windows filled with Christmas toys
It's that special time of youth 
O Christmas time is near

Kiddies being extra nice 
Take their moms
Ya lo vas a ver.

Extra! Extra! No puedo verte mal. 
Nada es real, todo es ficción 
Viviendo con la cola entre las piernas 
En el callejón.
Got a pocketful of rainbows
Got a star up in my sleeve

Kiss me extra tender
Hold me extra tight
'Cause I'm savin' your sweetness
and boys windows filled with Christmas toys
It's that special time of youth oh Christmas time is near
Kiddys being extra nice take their moms and dads
Extra, extra
(Extra, extra)

He's got the eyes I can't forget
His lips I always long to kiss
His arms hold me oh-so tight

Here's (here's)

X because it's extra baby
Why because it's extra baby
Unnoticed by few
Very very few
And that includes you

Look inside your
I miss you 

Todo sigue igual, 
Nuestra casa nadie la ha tocado 
Solo un loco que desesperado 
Extra?a tu amor 

Todo sigue igual,
hard times
Was it all vain

Or will we go that extra mile
We won't surrender now
You gotta go that extra mile
It's hard to face up
To the world
nobody else

There she is
Standing on the bed
Cookie in one hand, wig on her head

X because it's extra baby
why because it's
Blue eyed devil
Blue eyed devil
Born to be a God among Salesmen
Working the skinny tie

Slugging down fruit juice
Extra tall extra wide
Take me to your car
I don't know you
But I wanna come out with you
I had some cocaine
I think I got an extra line for you

I dance electric
I just wish I had extra, extra everything

Trick, we did it again

Now I, I just wanna be wherever you are
And I will love you baby sun or rain


Takes a lot to rock you baby
It takes a lot to make you smile
It takes a lot to rock you baby
You make me crawl the extra mile

So much for
Instant of grace reaching the soul of a million faces
Toward the sun there's no way through

Infra galaxia
Extra light delta

love's extra ordinary 
You're extra ordinary baby 

Somebody pushed me through the door 
I've been sleepin' on the floor 
Thirty one flavors listen
This is your posse bonus
This is your extra
This is your posse bonus
Because I like you

This is your posse bonus
This is your extra
This is
If you're lonely, I will call
If you're poorly, I will send poetry

I love you
I am the milkman of human kindness
I will leave an extra pint

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