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Pass that weed around like some fuckin' hors d'oeuvres
Man I'm shit faced and your bitch facin'
She high too, fuckin' right
My number one F-A-N, you
wailed as if on cue.
A woman's scream was heard
And the news came afterwards
"It's a blow out down in Number Two!"

Dm/B F/C
Down in Jericho Kentucky
the rookies, six for the pros (NAH) 
Seven for the numbers of them f***in zeroes (WHAT?) 

Eight for haters, nine for the cause 
Ten for my n****z, behind
ride me like a stalian
F–k mi like a number one
Bet yo speak in a tongues
When mi use mi c–key play guitar wid yo lungs
Hey gyal mi a go shift yo
up a scheme for all them big bank figures
The world is yours, but it can be mine and his
Bust you out the frame, I don't give a f*** who it is
up in it when I'm finished
The number one pussy popper, f'real it's not just an image
Like tennis get served while she licks her
All I need's that
the sound
From number three there came a cry
S. F. Sorrow is born.
The sunlight of his days
Was spent in the grey of his mind
As he stole love with

Don't want to be another number
I got a f***in gang of weed to keep from goin under
The federales want to see me dead - n****z put prices on my

In the moonlite
Under startlite
Songs old as the night
Are what I've been dreamin'
hisself Drake 
First mistake, Jesus piece was fake 
But wait, he got singles in his cake, I ain't f***in with him 

Number one rule, always keep your
Been around the world twice jet, lear, boat, whip

Oh s***, I'm hella rowdy and I'm nothin' nice
Money ain't s*** but a number name ya f***in' price

Bridge number one
Bm see bm
It's like a mountain of debris that doesn't do anything
F#m g f#m
It just gets deeper than the sea and piles up
I like hanging with my friends
Talkin' 'bout my b.f.f.
Big friends... forever!

I got some gigantic friends
They are like family
I take 'em
know she 'bout it
F*** with me, you know I got it

F*** with me, you know I got it
F*** with me, you know I got it
Sexy b**** I hope she 'bout it
Uh, camo shorts and bubble kush
We can talk she rather fuss
This and dat bout such and such
Damn, man where is the f***in' trust
I'm tired
I ain't stopping fingers keep bopping
F#m be e
Swing band rocking from the street to the bar
West coast's dated music's overrated
One big room full of bad bitches x8

Fu got the weed, Marl got the gun
They say numbers don't lie
Bitch, I'm not the one
Hammers in ya face,
to kill a muther f**ker and it's done in.
Since I'm stereotyped to kill and destruct -
Is one of the main reasons I don't give a f**k.
Chances are
your name.

If you a fake b****, ain't no thing
I'll pick up the phone and call Janine.
If I call Marie, I know for a fact
I'm gettin f***ed in my
the yougstas get Hyphy
Blow it!



Too $hort
Up all Night baby
Album number 16
Y'all can't f*** wit that
don't think you, I don't think you).. love?

I should of known better than to be out here f***in' with you
Knowin' the s*** you do
That taught my a** to stay committed, f*** the credit
B**** check the numbers, I'm the one who really get it
I told y'all mothaf***as, man, this s***
Shitted on 'em, 
Man I just shitted on 'em
Shitted on 'em, 
Put yo' number two's in the air if you did it on 'em
Shitted on 'em, 
the sun you've got an umbrella
F#m bm a
And when I act like number one you say hey
Bm g d a
Lighten up fella lighten up fella yeah
Bm g d a
Lighten up fella
Pick up the god damn phone

B**** where the f*** were you Tuesday?
With who you say?
I wasn't at the studio
B**** what'd you do screw Dre?