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years of erosion 
Incoming tide touches roots to expose them, 
Quicksand steals my shoe, 
Clouds bring the f-stop blues 

Look who's laughing now
Incoming tide touches roots to expose them,
Quicksand steals my shoe,
Clouds bring the F-Stop Blues

Look who's laughing now that you've wasted
How many
Room games and diamond rain
It's a fox hunt, it's a f-stop
It's a ten acre wood.
Outbound on a western train
It costs a quarter man
I'm not f**kin around 
Stop f**king with me 
And the children are born.
Your feeling through me, I, I
You're the children
Graduated with honors, she don’t drink she don’t light up
We're heavy on the powder, and every night is young
Red murcileago, Who the f*ck gonna stop em,
to stop, f*** it I don't see the cops
N****'s don't believe until they see it's out
Stupid motherf***ers want to take the scenic route, now the heater's
you what’s up
I don’t trust that n****, f*** that n****
Stop bringing him up
Baby, I ain't never gave no f***s
One f***’s too much, unless you’re
drink tonight, 'cause tomorrow you gotta go

[Chorus: x2]

Ha ha ha, n****
Rookie of the year, play ya position n****, 
Y'all f*** boys stop ya
were true
You're like an angel when you sleep
The Devil's breaking through

I'd burn alive if that meant you would too
So stop F***ing with me
Calm down think before you speak. 
Put 'em in the state of mind now its plain deep. 
Its the D he gots no D, 
Stop f****n with me I let the heat pop,
know you can!
I know you that's why we gonna do it
Daz on the beat
Hey Daz, n**** stop f***ing around with the piano n****
Just drop that s*** like,
down with the underground
N****s get clowned when I come around
Boom boom motherf***er an' it don't stop
F*** a cop, pa** the glock an' it won't stop
at the top
So fresh, so clean, thats why Im so happy, rocky,
Body looking like I ?
These my f*ckers cant stop me.

Push, ?
Make some noise, noise,
beh's house
Back in time, was a bad fiend
Now I flex mad green get cream seven-fifty n----l gleam
Say hi to chocolate t--I f----d lives 

the authorities no evidence
You gon' stop f****** with them warriors from New Orleans
And I really think that it'd be better if
I just hit ya block with that
(F-A-G-E-A) The club'll band, the beat will knock 
(F-A-G-E-A) We just keep going, this shit don't stop 

Hey yo it's Louchy baby, smoke screen

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