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I spy for the F-B-I
(I spy for the F-B-I)
I spy for the F-B-I
(I spy for the F-B-I) 

I got an x-ray camera hidden in your house
That sees what
weiß, dass du’s drauf hast
Mach’s Maul und lass raus das
Was du tief unten im Bauch hast
Alle zusammen jetzt, das wird sau krass!

F - B
F - B
F -
Here we go
Here we go
Here we go, here we go, yo don´t you know, you gotta get ack to know
Here we go, here we go, yo don´t you
Holy Christ bat an eye
Dumbfuck out of line
don't pull that shit with me
Quicker than suicide
Your clock?s run out of time
Your breath
Gonna call out the army, gonna call out the navy 
Gonna call out the cavalry 
Pray on high, call the F.B.I. 
Find my baby for me 
Get all
Mo, mo, mo, mo, money on my mind (yeah)
Money on my mind
(f*** b****es, f*** b****es, f*** b****es)
Money on my mind 
Mo, mo, money on my mind
Like a Rolling Stone
Like a Rolling Stone
I like a Rolling Stone

Like the F.B.I.
And the C.I.A.
And the B.B.C
B.B. King

And Doris Day
a-where you told an f-I-be (Rock!)

Well now givin' me that sweet talk
A-changed my mind
'Cause I just found you out in the nick of time
You told me that
Pre>intro as in verse

Be a a e f#
Take your money and take your time
Be a a e f#
You already taken mine

I bet your wondering how it's gone

My life is totally boring without you around
These days, they
Yeah-eeh, yeah-eeh, yeah-eeh, yeah yeah 
My best friend's brother is the one for me
B-F-B, B-F-B
My best friend's brother, my best friend's brother

Pre>c# be f# c# (twice)

C# be f# c#
I believe every man has a chance to make good I'm convinced that this is so
C# be f# c#
Equal opportunity for
the world in chains
Desperate players in a deadly game
Kidnapped victims on a hijacked plane


Ten most-wanted by the F.B.I.
can't stand to look at you
Stop chasing me all over the place
And get your fucking F.B. out of my face
You may be the only chance I've got
But I think
Sittin' after supper
Watched the f.b.i.
Asked for the cigarette
I got no reply
Then you dropped your culottes
Revealing rubber underpants
Calling captain autumn

When will I die
When can I cry
F.B.G. my T.B.E.
Give a little dream, quarantine
What a great film
What a great weather style
Angel that you are
You still remember summer walks
          F#m          B                      E
And quiet talks we had
son home

Verse 3:
E F#m A E
I taught him to fish and I taught him to be strong
F#m A E
I taught him that killing any man was wrong
G#m A E
Daddy's Alabama bound
Big Daddy's Alabama bound
Police is searchin' but he can't be found
Big Daddy's Alabama bound

Highway patrol and the F.B.I.
always hiding
I've looked everywhere
I'm forever blowing bubbles
Pretty bubbles in the air

I'm f-f-forever be-be-blowing bubbles
Pretty bubbles in
E                          G#m
Sometime's I feel that the world isn't mine
C#m                       F          B
It feeds on my hunger and tears
all detectives 
Calling F.B.I. 
You can say what you want 
The evidence never lie 
Calling all detectives 
Calling C.S.I. 
You can say what you want
(Don't kill me)

Thank you!

Go, go, go (what the, f***?)
What the f*** are you doing?
Mothaf***er bail on me? F*** you!

Aw, you gotta be
Second verse minus the passing chords

Hey hey yeah la la la la
Oh oh la la la la la la la la la la

E / F#m7 / B/ A E F#m7 be A be E
You got
you sleep...nowhere to hide,
One of these days I'm gonna come inside

Must be love, what else could it be?
F*** you b**** I love you I'm not crazy!