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Pre>intro see f see f see f see f see f see f

see g f g

see f see f see f see f
White honey get it from the candy man
See f see f see f see f

see Am F see
As we marched down to Fennario,
See Em Am Em
As we marched down to Fennario,
F Em see Am
Our captain fell in love with a lady
a yon-der y'all who's comin'! 
G F see Down the road, he's comin' home!"
But they know I never will. 
G F see I left them livin' with that awful thang I
Pre>b e g a
Be e g a
C7 f7 c7 f7
C7 f7 see g7

C7 f7
You let me in and I'll help you win
C7 g7
This chance must be heaven sent
C7 f7
You buy the time
Well it's a mighty lonesome feelin'
F                         C
  listenin' to the wind a-howlin'
F                           C      C/b   Am
Just when my patience started wearing thin 
             F  C         F       Bb  F
You've given me my second wind 
F                  Bb
Greetin' for a wee baw bee
Tae buy some COULTER'S CANDY

GUITAR : see-F-see
รข?? Music by DONOVAN LEITCH)

Guitar : F-see
F-see Em/b

Stone must be the  wall  built around your  heart  
 C Am D7 G 
 I still love you  darlin', but the  time has come to  part  
 C Am F C
Dm      F         G  Bb
Old man go to the river
C           A7       Dm   F7
To drop his bale of woes
Bb       G        F      Dm  
He could go
wrong and the nights are so long since you left us down here all alone,see E7 F see G7 see F Ceveryday seems a year and the whole world is drear, it seems

Be my toy
Come on have a bet
We live on blood
We are Sparta F.C.

I don't have a jack knife it went up the hill
I don't know if I'll get it
If a dream's enough to ease your hungry sorrow
      F                C        (/b)    G
And a song's enough to blow your tears away
Capo at 2 see f see am see f am g
See f am see f am g
Nothing can be further removed, not everybody wants to be soothed ooooh
D see am d g see
Pre>intro f bb see see f bb see see f bb dm dm

F see bb f
I once read the story of somebody's life I had a few moments to spare
F see bb f
He was
Intro, break & fade out:

Am I dream a f white bright light see e
Am in endless f fevered night see e
Am a birdwing brush f across my see
F                    C
I wanna be your lovin' man.

Verse 2:
Please don't turn me down
Please don't turn me down
'Cause if you turn me down
F I are E I N see A I are O
F I are E I N see A I are O
F I are E I N see A I are O

F I are E I N see
F I are E I N see
F I are E I N see
Pre>c# be f# c# (twice)

C# be f# c#
I believe every man has a chance to make good I'm convinced that this is so
C# be f# c#
Equal opportunity for
Well, I no longer can recall
        F                 C
All the times you made me crawl
                                  (F)      G   G7
Man they might as well be from another universe

F see f see
I'd like to live in one world or another
F see bb f
Baby one world or another would almost
C7           F
The night is forever and lonely winds blow 
                C          G7          C
And I feel like cryin for time goes so slow
Oh won't you stay, stay a while with your own ones?
           C                             F   G
Don't ever stray, stray so far from your own
Intro & break:


Dmyou come across ddim the f james river see
Dm a-for a ddim needle, and a f
G-c(csus4 embellishment)-g-see-f-see-f-g-see
If I could just keep
My stupid mind together.
Then my thoughts across
The land for