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And a flute to paint the atmosphere
The fifth illusion
Self delusion of reality
The fifth illusion
Prison warder for your dreams
A kingdom under catacomb
It means your troubled heart will soon be mine
The Bible mentions four
I tell you there's one more...
Love is The Fifth Horseman, Love is
on the wrist
And it's clear who's promoting her own myth

So I'll take the fifth
Take the fifth oh

Everybody talks it up all of Saturday night
And all
retracting claws
Seek invasive social ties
Smiling face to masking disgrace
Deceit your way of life

Bleed the fifth
Face smashed fist
Bleed the fifth
on dynamite dynamite
Uh check it out, uh uh 
Yo yo yo yo yo check it out

Eve-ry bo-dy, touch this Illa-Fifth Dynamite
C'mon, touch this Illa-Fifth
New York City, Fifty-Fifth and Third
I reached out my hand and there you were
You lead me where I thought I wouldn't go
It's more than just my
The first bowl on the earth
The second bowl on the sea
The third bowl on the rivers
The fourth bowl on the sun
The fifth bowl on the beast
said " but we don't care!"
The fourth one said "let's run and run and run"
The fifth one said "I'm ready for some fun!"
Ooo ooo went the wind, and out
gots to drink me two fifths of whiskey
Just to get half as high

When the good Lord made that woman
He sure went to town
Oh, when the good Lord made
Circle of fifths and the one you can miss
Can you keep the secrets well
Look at the past and the manners that lacked
Can you keep the secrets well
Some shit on the needle
Like your record

The fifth gripping week
An absolute must
One of the years
Best ain't sayin' much
Throwin' us trunks
Well I took a fifth, and I poured me a shot
And I thought about all the things that I haven't got
And I drank that down, and I poured me some more
5:25 August fifth, 1962
Found her lying on her chest
Her face all turning blue
You think it was an overdose
But could it have been the pact
In my office
On the fifth floor
Biscuits for breakfast
Biscuits for breakfast

Biscuits for breakfast, cup of tea for the man
4 years on in this
The fifth her penis shows it's face
In the sixth month grows a foreskin
It took nine months made evident
Experience, she gave it hands

In the seventh
You've got me in fifth
You're burning rubber like my love
I'm driving in risk

Spend all your time and money
On  that Pontiac GTO pile
Getting tired
ain't enough whiskey to last him
She thought he was cheating and one day she asked him

And he took the fifth
cause he couldn't tell her
Gone like my last paycheck gone gone away
Gone like the car I wrecked gone gone away
Gone like a fifth of gin gone gone away
Gone like the shape
Finally, they've exonerated Dupree
But it cost him his parents, and his wife, his home, his life
In the land of the free

Evidently, five fifths
Finally, they've exonerated Dupree
But it cost him his parents, and his wife, his home, his life
In the land of the free
Evidently five fifths
the morning
Ninety-four degrees

through the stillness through the heat
The cars go by on Fifth and
Breathing slow
Get up off the floor and angel
Put your
Thus ends the fifth battle
By the treachery of men the field is lost
The night falls and great is the triumph of evil
The league is broken
I'll be the proudest fellow in the Easter parade.

On the avenue, fifth avenue, the photographers will snap us,
And you'll find that you're in
Sweating out the hours meticulously collected.
Pinpointed and highlighted.
Scratching off events and fifth lines for a better sense of purpose.
And now I see that you fell asleep again
You've been riding this train since 2 A.M
Like the circle of fifths you drew in school
The loop line takes you