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and girl
No one could then complain
About their pay

Facts and figures
Facts and figures
Filling up the pages every day
Facts and figures
Facts and figures
A figure walks behind you
A figure walks behind you
A shadow walks behind you
A figure walks behind you

Days of booze and roses
Shine on us,

(it was hard to figure out!)
Just when you learned the game of life
All the rules change overnight
Whoa-o-oh, go figure

It seems so wrong to even try
But taking a chance
Wow! uh oh

I am a figure of fun
Obsessive, dead-pan and moribund
[creantic girl] seasick
I am the figure of fun 

[?] I baked in the sun
The bigger the figure the better I like her
The better I like her the better I feed her
The better I feed her the bigger the figure
The bigger the figure
you said I misunderstood
I'll figure it out as soon as I figure it out
I could get there if I would just move
I like what I have and love what I lose
You don't retain your calm
Either you're an anvil
Or sell me your aunt
And your car is almost gone
Figure it out

My bag's against the wall
What's your mission
Looks suspicious
I don't get it
No permission
Back no interest
What's the business
Shawty listen

I'm just tryna figure
Sparring the moment
That's what you get
Collarbone figure eights
Sentenced to a lifetime in the ocean

Sparring the moment
Flying breath
If you can't figure it out, sit and listen for a long time with a loved one!
One of these days
When you figure, figure it all out
Well be sure to let me know
Well I'll be waiting right here
Come and whisper in my ear what
Se nourrir des années
Sculpter les opposés
Je t´embrasse je te hais
Je me lasse tu me hais

Et les figures imposées
Et ces figures s´imposaient
much that I don't know
I just need some time to figure out 
Time to figure out 
Time to figure this thing out 
I just needed some time
Well we're
I won't ever tell on you 
Ever see me do 
I wait forever for you 

Figure out your problem with me is you 
I won't be like you 
Ever see right
is mesmerized, 
Condition's paralyzed
Your chance to live is emphasized
Nor a truth nor a lie

Burn your flag, figure
The disciples of God want
expel them with a cough

You'll never keep me safe from harm
The hurt just keep's on coming on
I'm still trying to figure it out
I'm still finding
the moonshine

Moonshine stepping in front of my skyline
Can I get a minute to figure it out, figure why we had to fall apart?
You're a moonshine
Stepping in front of my skyline
Getting ready to figure it out
Figure why we had to fall apart?

You're a moonshine
Stepping in front of my skyline
waste all day
Failed to figure out what is hailed to be ours
Right on some days, falls to the wayside
The way, oh way, oh way

Got the plans to figure out
Facts and figures the clocks turn backwards
Facts and figures turn anticlockwise
Many signposts leading to the same place
I wonder who
Stop! Take some time to think, figure out what's important to you
Stop! Take some time to think, figure out what's important to you
You've got
you're all that capable
But you've been told

Figure it out
Don't pretend you're stupid
Sort it out
Go make yourself useful

You're better than
to lend for once
Behold that healing festival
Complete for an instant
The dance figure pure constellation
Every time you wake in the morning 
And you start to cry 
And I figure there's something up baby 
But you don't tell me why 
And I know that's