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See you Chulainn's birth-name acts as a theme for the first half, up to where,
As see you Chulainn he kills his friend Ferdia.
To miss the first half of the show.
Oh, It gets to the end, 
We get to run it again 
Just like before, 
One more go round.

Drank myself some wine
to last me the first half of my day, through my daily routine laying in my bed listening to the lost and the lonely stagger home from the bars after closing
knows in here
I said, 'thanks but no thanks, I think I'll just stick with beer'

'Cause whiskey and I, we go way back
That first half pint in a paper
I think of this album as a journey through the seasons of love.

The first half, with songs like "Boy You Knock Me Out" and "Daydreamin'",
The fundamental loneliness goes whenever two can dream a dream

When I saw you first the time was half past three
When your eyes met mine it was
watching the television so erm... 
Oh right yeah. Okay go on, tell us all about it 
Well I mean the first half we were all over them. It's
We almost made it to the first half
Of a life we settled on in this desert world
If all of these mountains are the oyster's shell
Then we built this
And we back on the fifth L.P.
We back in this biz baby, but this time we gonna do it a lil different
For the first half of the album we gonna do it for
a girl

I was the first one to see her
And you were the first one to fall
Like a half-drunken downhill skier
And she was the oncoming wall
Now I get
The fundamental loneliness goes whenever two can dream a dream

When I saw you the first time, it was half past three
When your eyes met mine, it was
We walk the long path, still on the first half
You escape reason, we escape wrath.

God is not concerned with gallup poll opinion
Or if the whole human
so seductive I make 'um fiend for the sex
I just wanna stroke your brain
For the first half hour then I smoke your thang
This is exclusive sex we
the lockout of one of our source sports
We spice the stand and launch the stage on the ball court
During the first half, number one draft
Rap Lords, swing
no fun without the magic stick
Now watch me as I pull a rabbit out a hat
Then you can use the rabbit all over your cat

Applause now that's the first
LaGuardia six in the morn
They be waitin' in the Bentley when the plane takes on
Straight to the studio dirty, no shower
Threw out 5 mics in the first half
There is an aching in my head
From the bed I can't get used to
It's these little hours in the dark, I dread
As I spend my first night alone
I'm just a love struck fool and a nervous wreck
It ain't like me to be uncool this way
But that's the way it's been since the very first day

Girl half
little darling
It's time to move along

I've seen the following additional verse on other lyric sites: it looks like a combination of the first half
hanging on (same as first)

I'm half way here, I'm half way there 
I'm half way here, I'm half way there 
All along I been the traveler, yeah
loneliness goes
Whenever two can dream a dream together
When I saw you first the time was half past three
When your eyes met mine it was eternity
By now we
Around the world to you,
'Cause they said you're the best custom tailor in Hong Kong.
Sam, you made the pants 'bout a foot and a half too long.
a warm dark place
Hey I got sweet revenge

There's no second chance
There's no half way
The first time you're sorry and the second time you pay
a half mile o' water
All around, all around
My home town is a half mile down

First they started their surveyin'
And makin' up their plans
To flood
Billy Radcliffe very first one
He really had lived just a cursed son
A split in half man sang the cherubim
Billy Radcliffe
(Billy Radcliffe)