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S. Sala / G. Abry / R. Zahedan

Take me and touch my mind
Life is cruel but love is kind
When you see the spider grin
Say hello and walk right in
Words and music by R. Littlefield and G. Cushing- Murray

Sonny's out strollingâ?¦ambling slowlyâ?¦awash in amber streetlight
A Mexican wind blows
left the service, got a G. I. loan
I got married, bought myself a home
Now I hang around this one horse town
And do the best I can

It's gettin'
I say F-I.
F-I-N-K, fink, fink, fink, fink.

I say are-A.
Are-A-T-T F-I-N-K, rat fink.
[G. Rodgers / R. Martinez]

deity's blood, spilled for you
For indeed Christ was our passover
Hanging on a bloodied cross
A bloodied cross

[G. Rodgers / R. Martinez]

Mid, post, pre-tribulation that will not matter here
Pre, post or a-millenal, the stand will fall to tears
To cause
and them drop-top Bentley's is ours

[Chorus - R. Kelly]
Yeah, we thuggin, rollin on dubs and,
Off up in the club, whylin like what
Got Cris' on pop,
Husa er tomme, og himmelen raud;
Skipet legg fr¥ kai

[Musikk: Ivar Bjèrnson & R. Kronheim]

[English translation: ANSUZ ASTRAL]

for me face the judge and lie for me

P. I. T. T. S. B. U. R. G. H. 
Represent to the fullest 
And I'm putting cowards back into place
When I'm
[G. Rodgers / R. Martinez]

And I saw the beast rise
And the dragon gave him his power
And the world followed him
And it was granted him to make war
[Fat Joe & R. Kelly:] 
What? Keep going baby! 

[Fat Joe] 
Whoo! Whoo! Terror Squad! Uh, uh-huh
Rockland! Joe Crack, the are

[R. Kelly]
the street
R. and U.N. D.M.C complete!


get on the mic and (emcee)

Another time I take
For the rhyme I make
Make me mad and sad because
the back, spank the cheeks
Pulled her hair, pushed it deep
Pound da meat, sound asleep
Found a beach, grind and freak
Manage a trois, roll with R.
R. Kelly's on the track and it's a good thing

[Chorus: x4]

(break it down)
Tonight is the night that I
I take you boy and I put you in my good
N. -is for that nigga, who keeps banging... banging
O. -is for outstanding everyday... everyday
R. -is for ridiculous crazy... so crazy
E. -is for
Fuck the white press, the block love us, hip-hop forever 
B.I.G. is here, the soul of Tupac hovers - above us 

[Chorus - R. Kelly] 
You can't
get when I can
Up homie in the morning with the gat van
Burning rubber down to get a new car
So don't get jealous when you see me in the
Double R.
the kid
Even Maury Povich couldn't test the kid
Even R. Kelly couldn't touch the kid
And even with all your bars you couldn't text the kid
I got a pool
back break
Baby, you got skills
Uh so step right up and let the R. Get a feel
I wanna see you dance to a mid tempo
You can stroke your body and make
what, what?

[Chorus - R. Kelly & The Notorous B.I.G.]
You must be used to me spendin
And all that sweet winin and dinin
Well I'm lovin you tonight
to shoot skully 
He's remind me, something like R. Kelly 
Back in the days, maxes and cresses 
Now it's 6's with chrome rellies, and BBSes 
Undress this,
'Bout to show you how R. Kellz ride
Baby what I got on my mind
I hope the same thing is on your mind
Try'na get you somewhere and grind
Because your
R. Kelly's on the track and it's a good thing

[Chorus: x4]

(break it down)
Tonight is the night that I,
I take you boy and I put you in my good
ain't freebies
Been in the game a year and got 2 "Best Of Banks" Cd's
If they ain't mine then I don't give a fuck about em
Shit, R. Kelly played with kids
the Dude
On the way to the telly, we was bumpin' R. Kelly
And right before I cut her, it was confessions from Usher

She ain't used to a thug, she love