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Pulling the weight up against the wind
Is the plight of the galley slave
Chained to this cold bench, six to the oar
Sentenced to an early grave
And be brave at heart
For your king and country

Turn the prow towards the storm
For it's too late to turn back

Royal galley under the sky
a galley slave my Love
If only I could find out the way to sail you
Maybe I'll just stow away

I've been run a ground
So sad for a sailor
I felt safe
or nightmare, could ever force them to their knees

Adventure Galley, proudly she's staying her course
Adventure Galley, the magical force, wild and free!
a galley slave, my love
If only I could find out the way
To sail you, maybe I'll just stow away

I've been run aground
So sad for a sailor
I felt safe
warm to see the wind blow down 
Take me home 
Leave the galley sailors talking 
Leave the bridge and captain's walking 
Feeling naked on the covered
Suicide or murder
In this jungle this they be glad to hang ya
Plus the galley man learn fi not to linger
Blow fast just like a gas cylinder
And then
Awaiting my treasure drifting ashore
When from the galleys we're set free
And I'll never give you more
Than the time that we save
Magdelina I
Committing crimes and we¹re running down the alley,
I am the captain, you¹re in the galley
With this girl she said that she was hungry
We just got
Alberts kitchen was used for his galley
Where young kids would end up in his belly
He ate kids like a fish would eat plankton
With a spiked paddle
Learned to survive on the run.

Killed a man, I was just sixteen.
The judge put these chains on me.
"We sentence you to the Galley.
Pay penance for
the galleys, with a strange and smilin' face
Al played acoustic and Sally played electric, and the gal played a hell of a bass
And when they sang their
night till the dawn of the day
The captain's in the wheelhouse he's on the RT
And the cook's in the galley a brewing the tea
And we're heaving and hauling
a galley slave
But that's become my role
Still I can't complain too much
In my high school Espanol

I'm sailing down to Panama
Gonna run across
Father ov Terror!
Aba ol-Hol
Enter the pylon
Through' the galleys ov past
Catacombs ov night
Into the starry womb

Slay, slay!
Asar un-Nefer
baby she don't love me no more

My baby loves her addiction and a stolen pearls
Loves her conviction to frozen world
She loves drunk galleys, telephones
Father ov Terror!
Abu ol-Hol
Enter the pylon
Through' the galleys ov past
Catacombs ov night
Into the starry womb

slay, slay!
Asar un-Nefer
breathing one night only
Far away, in chillness, bleak, unseen

Drifting galley, ghostlike shadow
Set sail to catch and kill the time
Echoes wandering
Somebody asked me if I wanted a ride
I said what do you mean
They said I know a woman that
They called slip-n-slide
Introduce me to a galley name
to cool me down
And I was the galley slave
Who lost his heart when the ship went down 

Lights, action, sound
Roll 'em 

I had a part in the talkies
huddle together like slaves
In the galleys of old
Cold & hungry

Descending into tales
Of a forever destroying genesis

Where the depth of human
him gems from Samarkand
Fleets of galleys through the sea brought him pearls to match with thee
But he counted not his gain nor his treasure, mine
outside Kankakee

And One Eyed Myra, the queen of
the galley who trained the
ostrich and the camels
She looked at me squinty with her 
one good eye in
And like poor galley slaves
We toil and toil, and when we die
Must fill dishonored graves
And it's by and by I'll slip my chains
Into the bush
They had a last supper the day of the beaching
She's a dead ship sailing skeleton crew
The galley is empty the stove pots are cooling
Whats left