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accept the fact
That I'd accepted the contract
Much discussion in this institution
Much discussion in boiled beef and carrots
Room see-H-1-O-see-H-2-O
Cottonmouth, cottonmouth, so in love with you

I need some H2O down my throat
I need some H2O down my throat
I need some H2O down my throat
I need some H2O
the bottle
And put on the top and drink cool H2O

Well, your eyes are baggy and a bloodshot red
It's been a week or two since you've been in bed
the bottle
And put on the top and drink cool H2O

Well, your eyes are baggy and a bloodshot red
It's been a week or two since you've been in bed
H2O   It's all about da water, it ain't no lie  Widout de water we shrivel up and die / Sheila De main cistern go down to zero  De new bossman, he be
the warm in the fire's glow
Who-put the cold in the winter snow
Who-put the wet in H2O
Who-put the bang in the thundercloud
Who-put the groundhog in

It was clear in the window eye
The brick outlined the blue sky
And I had to go round the gay graduates in the toilets
And Good King Harry was
It's been a long time coming
Since six corners of H2O
Well now I'm in the studio
I got buckets of soul
Rockin' the flo'
And I'm
blankly for hours wondering how it could have been
Interrupted only by the blur of sight from the tears I shed in between


I crawl my
To hell with the H2O   Champagne s', agua no / The Gull Reef Club's not too ship shape  Time for a party time for a break  Tonight all our troubles will
you play
But I’m not your boomerang
You’re a little bit fire show
I’m a little bit H2O
It’s time that I let you go
I’m not your boomerang

Oh ohh ohhh
are you see I T T S O S one H you T
The ideal copy
H2O see I I T, one two HU, T H2O H O T

The ideal copy
The ideal copy
times into good
Always knowing where we stood
Now time has led us to the water
We get by on H2O
But remember what is stronger
And we let it flow
The way the hair frames
Your face is like the way the lawn frames your home.
Drink H2O, breathe O2.
Left lane must turn left at signal.
Leaving her chemical compounds in the absence
Of H2O
But the crystals that wash upon the shore
Are happy ones
So if you never thought before
In the deep underwater I am sinking,
Water, H2O, soaking my pores,
Lungs filling with fluid, impairing,
Struggling beneath the surface for oxygen,
Financed by FHA.
It had a swimming pool, full of H2O.

Traded their used MG
For a new XKE.
Switched to the GOP,
That's the way things go.

Oh that
Probabilità di grandi scoperte eccezionali
Sembra H2O, tracce di organismi primordiali
Invio il rapporto
E passo e chiudo
Pianeta terra
Pilota Giò

want to do
Is live my life with you
Tall you've gotta grow
I'll give you H2O
All I want to do
Is live a simple live here with you

You're way!
love with you And I know your the one for me
So whats it gonna whats it gonna be?

H' Two' O And I Need to know how you feel about me
So give me a call
take away
I feel it here
The feeling won't go
I'm gonna let you know
You can't have it
I won't give it
You can't take it away

H2O GO!!

I feel it here
All right this one goes out to all our friends in New York:
H2O, The Slackers, Stubborn All Stars
Must respect
Hey Tim take it away my man.
Septicemia, Yersinia Pestis
Delusional Hyponatremia
H2O poisoning without knowing
Tap water infects my throat

Nausea, retching,
Pallor bowel
and had a wild ride
Oh, but one good shot of you was all I needed
So don't set 'em up, Joe, oh no, I'll stick to H2O

'Cause I don't need Jose, believe me,
like a homeless man caught in a storm
With no point to run for cover
As I stand motionless under the gray 
This H2O invisible army infiltrates my