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Ritual de lo Habitual [Clean Cover] (Jane's Addiction) · Shaking the Habitual (The Knife) · Shaking the Habitual [2 CD] (The Knife) · Ritual de lo Habitual (Jane's Addiction) · Ritual de lo Habitual (Jane's Addiction) · Ritual de lo Habitual (Jane's Addiction) · Shaking the Habitual (The Knife)

tu duda,
mi habitual rincón.
En cada mínimo detalle
creo oír tu voz.

Cruza el valle
suenas frágil,
como yo.
I'm so sorry
I know exactly what you mean
Tired of being devilish
Sick of being wicked
Habitual, and untrue
Another starting over
Although it
of fear. 
A habit fear. 
Fear is here in my habitual sphere. 
Begin the mutation to a castrated witch. 
Implode through my arteries, slice off that
Así me siento yo, con los cuarenta entre mi pelo

Cansada de este mundo normal
De seguir a los demás, de lo habitual
Alcanzar esa estrella fugaz
Habitual criminal offenders. No attorney wants to go near us. 
I gotta find him a lawyer, and I don't know what I'm gonna do... 

The D.A. was
Call me habitual
But when you think of me
Do you fill your head with schemes
Better think again
Cause no one knows

I don't want to cause no
desechar la flor.

Mi torpeza habitual
Hasta hoy.

Demasiado es nada para hacer
Estoy romántico y repleto de clichés
Sin mi camuflaje me entregue
Carnage, at the flick of the wrist
Oh! Mortal Spirit, disdain never discriminates
To dismember is natural
To annihilate is habitual
Every step taken
with me
Bottoms up
Reaching a dream

Without you my life would be boring

What if we can't make it but we say that we can
Shaking the habitual
Side by side in silence 
They pass away the day 
So comfortable, so habitual
And so nothing left to say 

Nothing left to say [Repeat: x1]
Boy, the way Glen Miller played
Songs that made the hit parade
Guys like us we had it made

Those were the days
This could be habitual
desechar la flor?

Mi torpeza habitual...
hasta hoy

Demasiado es nada para hacer
estoy romántico y repleto de clisés
sin mi camuflaje, me entregué
You act as though you were a blind man who's crying
Crying 'bout all the virgins that are dying
In your habitual dreams you know
Seems you need
Unsterilized syringe quickly inhects
As uncut chemicals flow and infect

My habitual tendencies put me farther in my grave
Enslaved by
a worn out penthouse
Your junk is habitual
You're sick and you're beautiful

Bounce me hard and dunk me
I'm just your basketball
Lay me up then
recidivists--habitual criminal offenders.
No attorney wants to go near us. I gotta find him a lawyer, and I don't know what I'm gonna do... 
The D.A. was Burger
Ahí va la tempestad
Ya parece un paisaje habitual
Un árbol color sodio
Y la caída de un ángel eléctrico

Tengo estática y no querría lastimarte
ends this plateau
First times now old times
Habitual gestures bind
Progress burned in effigy
Pledge allegiance to the customary
Holding pattern
Antes de que empiece a amanecer 
Y vuelvas a tu vida habitual 
Debes comprender que entre los dos 
Todo ha sido puro y natural 

Tu loca mania
just a farce
Reality is two weeks in the waiting
I'm not sure we're on the same page
Habitual weakness stains the past
Desire rolls over and waits for
soaked ritual
Ravenous its cold stare is habitual
Send a message with fire smouldering across the lily pad
Saffron tears the sweetest you’ve ever had
I am impatient and hard to please
No sense of serenity
Habitual neurosis transcends me into thoughts of suicide
And when this body lay lifeless,
hideous appearance
Repulsive re-existence, bearer of morbidity

Ritual, habitual
Black forest of evil, a demons possession
A beast in the wild with
Pretenders To The Throne Of I
Confined And Diseased
In A Life So Habitual
Epitome Of My Creation
Weak Attempts In A World
You Could Never Grasp

filld so ya turned away started doin everything yer told one track retreads doin it all over again habitual device promise a lie on track retreads again