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No I'll not renounce my views do what others do
I'd rather drink the hemlock than be like you, to my soul untrue
It never gets easier so quit
used to these powerful waves
She shallows the breath and I'm taking on water.
What am I to do now?

I call on a beautiful wish with a moral compass
Obeying commands of my mistress Diana.

My beloved daughter, goodnight, for your mother will never see you more.

Hemlock Foxglove Almond oil Wild celery
Strained eyes toward infinite night skies, hemlocks, sunsets through white pines, roadmaps and distant state lines. it only took one trip
like water
Cover it like sauce, think about who lost
Niggaz minds was the reason for the MC holocaust
I'll be the first to admit, I'm on some next shit
of the northern lights
we'll swim in hydroponical chronic cause waters life
afghani gold was the last gram we rolled
hash and we hold stashed in the dash cause