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go wrong?
I'm not short on my faith but I' tellin' you
This has gone on for so long

It wasn' t enough to believe in you,with everythin' I had
Because I got that shit
That make you cop my shit 
I'm the diva with clout
Everybody rap about
Check it out rhymes I' bust 'em
Problems with my life
I' never wanted something more
And I've never felt so sure
Cause now I‘ve gotten this chance to be
Everything you saw in me
And even more
Than I
No doubt doubt
No longer need to hide it
I've found out who I am
I' moved around  in circles
I rise and fall again
I know it well
Every word I
Switch speeds
I been spitting this venom since the age of sixteen
But you wanna be the Jordan of rap
An I' be catch you on the rebound slam dunk two in
never the less you brought the
Best of me, the years that I' lived
only love that i got my right hand by best friend
who must of sent Such an angel